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Which theories/perspectives believe sociological research can and should influence social policy?

Liberal Feminism

New Right


Social democratic


Which theory believes that social policy should take a cautious approach, changing things gradually so a state of anomie is stopped from developing?



Which theory/perspective believes that the capitalist system needs to be regulated to stop it creating extreme wealth and income inequality?

Social democratic approach


When was the social democratic approach most influential?

post war (1940s-60s)


What did Townsend (1979) believe?

Townsend researched relative poverty and believed the state should spend more money on state health and education services


What is the Black report (1980)?

A study on class inequality- it made 37 policy recommendations to reduce inequality (e.g free school meals and more spending on housing)


Why did the Thatcher government refuse to implement the advice given in the Black report?

It was refused on the grounds of cost


What do Marxists think about social policies?

They believe that the capitalist state and its policies do not benefit all of society- they just serve the interests of capitalism


According to Marxism, how does social policy serve the interests of capitalism?

1. It legitimises capitalism (making it seem fair and hiding the true levels of exploitation)

2. Maintaining the labour force (reserve army of labour)

3. It helps to prevent a revolution


Which family type do feminists argue social policy tries to encourage?

Nuclear family


What does the New Right perspective believe social policy should aim to do?

It should aim to make people more independent and want to look after themselves and their own families, rather than rely on the state.


What other factors influence social policy?

electoral popularity

Ideological preferences of the government


reputation of the sociological theory/perspective


Which theory/perspective was most influential during the conservative government in 1979-1997

New Right


Which theories/perspectives were most influential during the New Labour government (1997-2010) and the current government?

New Right, social democratic (third way) and feminism