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what is marginalisation?

feeling on the edge of society/pushed to corners of society, as though no one represents you or your views/interests


what is community style policing?

where the police are a trusted element of the community


What are special constables?

People who are unpaid by trained citizens


what is the underclass?

long term unemployed who are able bodied, and lone parents living on state benefits


What is a capable guardian?

someone who is able to stop the crime, e.g neighbours or police


what is situational crime prevention/situational crime prevention techniques?

emphasises the immediate environment where crime may take place and attempts to make it as difficult as possible to commit the crime


what is target hardening?

a form of crime prevention, e.g adding locks and alarms


what is zero-tolerance?

using the law to ensure that smaller deviant acts are dealt with


What is the theory of the broken window?

if a neighbourhood looks disorderly and uncared for the crime rates will increase as it sends out the message that it's an easy target and that community ties are weak so the crime won't be reported


Who came up with the theory of the broken window?

Wilson & kelling


Who did an experiment placing cars in the New York Bronx and Stanford university to explain the broken window theory?