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what does deterrence mean?

A deterrent is meant to put people off committing a crime


what is rehabilitation?

educating people into a non criminal way of life. It takes away the motivation for them to commit crime in the first place.


what is incapacitation?

removing the offenders capacity to offend again


what is retribution?

taking revenge and expressing society's outrage


what is expressive punishment?

punishment used to show outrage and reflect the publics anger against the crime


what is instrumental punishment?

Punishment used to achieve something positive, e.g stop reoffending or give some form of compensation to the victim


what is Shariah law?

A law on theft - theft is punished with imprisonment and amputation of hands (if it meets certain requirements)


What is retributive justice?

In a traditional society solidarity is based on similarities between people (which creates a strong collective conscience). This collective conscience wants to repress the criminal with cruel and severe punishment (expressive)


What is restitutive justice?

In a modern society we interdepend on each other. Crime damages this interdependence and so punishment must aim to repair the damage/restore societies equilibrium (instrumental)


What is sovereign power?

pre nineteenth century when the monarch had control of people- punishment was a spectacle


What is disciplinary power?

Nineteenth century onwards- Panopticon was a design for a prison where guards could see every cell but prisoners couldn't see the guards. The prisoners knew they might be seen so they had to behave. This encouraged self-discipline and self-contol


Some people believe there is now a blurring between the welfare and prison services. What is the term used to describe this?