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What are some causes of Horner syndrome?

lesions above T1: Pancoast tumors, Brown-sequard above T1, advanced syringomyelia


What dermatome levels do you need to know?

C2: posterior skull
T4: nipple
T7: xiphoid
T10: belly button
L1: inguinal ligament
L4 covers the kneecaps
S2,3,4: erection and sensation of penile and anal zones.


Where do diaphragm and gallbladder pain radiate?

right shoulder via phrenic nerve


Clinical reflexes nerve roots

Biceps: C5, (C6)
Triceps: C7 (C8)
Patellar L4 (L3)
Achilles S1, (S2)
count up: 1,2 buckle my shoe, L3,L4 kick the door, C5,C6 pick up sticks, C7, C8, lay them straight.


What are the nerve roots that control the cremaster reflex and the anal wink reflex?

L1 and L2 do the cremaster reflex
S3 and S4 do anal wink


What is Parinaud sydnrome?

paralysis of the conjugate verticle gaze due to lesion in the superior colliculi, which is responsible for conjugate verticle gaze.
pinealoma could cause this.


Function of the trigeminal nerve, branches

branches: ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular
does mastication, facial sensation, and somatosensation of anterior 2/3 of tongue


Functions of the facial nerve

facial movement, taste from 2/3 of tongue (geniculate nucleus), LACRIMATION, SALIVATION from submandibular and sublingual glands, eyelid closing via the ocularis oculi, stapedius muscle in ear


What does glossopharygeal nerve do?

taste and somatosensation from posterior 1/3 of tongue, swallowing, SALVATION from parotid gland, monitoring carotid body sinus chemo and baroreceptors, and stylopharyngeous motor innervation


What muscles are innervated by CNXI?

sternocleidomastoid and trapezius: head turning and shoulder shrugging


What are the ganglia etc. involved with taste

CN VII: geniculate; 9 petrosal, X: nodose


What are the ganglia etc. involved with CN parasympathetics?

III: Edinger-Westphal nucleus synapses in the ciliary ganglion
superior salivary nucleus of CN VII synapses on the pteryopalantine gangion, which controls lacrimation, and the submandibular ganglion, which controls salivation from the sublingual and submandibular area.
the Inferior salivary nucleus of CN IX synapses on the otic ganglion to control parotid salivation
The dorsal motor nucleus of CNX synapses on intramuerual ganglia.


Where in the brainstem are the various cranial nerve nuclei located? How do you distinguish btw sensory and motor nuclei?

CN III and IV in midbrain
CN V, 6, 7 and 8 in pons
CN 9, 10 and 12 in medulla
CN 11 in the spinal cord
lateral are sensor, medial are motor


What are the vagal nuclei? What other cranial nerves have cell bodies in these nuclei?

dorsal motor nucleus of CNX: parasympathetic motor nucleus
nucleus ambiguus: voluntary motor (palate elevation, pharynx, larynx, swallowing). Also involves IX, and some XI.
nucleus solitarious- taste info and visceral info (rostral is taste)

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