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ethosuximide: MOA, uses

used for absence seizures. bloocks thalamic T-type Ca receptors


Sides effects of ethosuximide

EFGHIJ: fatigue, GI probs, headache, itching, and Stevens-Johnson


What drugs are used for seizures in eclampsia?

MgSO4 is first line. after that try benzodiazepines.


Uses and MOA of phenytoin

may be used for simple, complex, toni-clonic, and status epilepticus. one of the first line treatments for tonic clonic and first line for prevention of status epilepticus. works by increasing Na channel inactivating. (has zero order kinetics).


What are some side effects of phenytoin?

MANY. nystagmus, diplopia, ataxia, gingival hyperplasia, megaloblastic anemia, teratogenesis, SLE-like syndrome, P-450 induction, stevens johnsons, osteopenia, peripheral neuropathy
teratogenesis: fetal hydantoin syndrome of microcephaly, dysmorphic craniofacial features, hypoplastic nales and distal phalanges, cardiac defects, IUGR, and MR.


What are the uses of carbamazepine? MOA

first line for simple, complex, tonic clonic (ie. it is first line for every seizure it treats). used for tirgeminal neuralgia. increases Na Channel inactivation.


Side effects of carbamazepine?

diplopia, ataxia, blood dyscrasis (agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia), liver, teratogenesis, induction of P-450, SIADH, Steven's Johnsons
teratogenesis: neural tube defects, craniofacial defects, fingernail hypoplasia, developmental delay, IUGR (seems like fewer cardiac effects than phenytoin?)


What is the MOA and uses of valproic acid?

used for all seizures but status epilepticus (simple, complex, tonic-clonic, absence). also used for bipolar and myoclonic siezures. causes Na channel inactivation, increased GABA conc


important side effects of valproic acid

rare but fatal hepatotoxicity- measure LFTs, spina bifida in fetus, tremor weight gain


What are the first line treatments for tonic clonic seizures?

valproic acid, cabamazepine, and phenytoin


First line for acute status epilepticus? What about for prevention of status epilepticus?

acute: benzos; prevention: phenytoin


What is the first line treatemnt for seizures in a neonate?



What is gabapentin?

inhibits high voltaged Ca channels and was designed as a GABA analog. may also be used for peripheral neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia, migrains, bipolar


Topiramate: uses, and sides

blocks Na channels and incr. GABA activation
used for simple, complex, tonic-clonic, and migrain. may cause sedation, kidney stones, weight loss


Lamotrogine: uses, sides

MUST titrate slowly- can cause Stevens-Johnson
used for simple, complex, tonic clonic, and abscence


What is the first line for complex seizures?


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