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What do you need to become a school psychologist?

A school psychologist needs a Bachelor’s Degree, Graduate Degree - Master’s, Specialist, or Doctorate, Academic Courses, Supervised Fieldwork, and Internship.


How did school psychology used to work?

Over worked teacher complained about a tough kid who is making class difficult. Over worked school psych would do
evaluation, starting from scratch. Kid get an IEP and automatically placed out of regular classroom.


How does school psychology work now?

Kid goes through all RTITiers,
still doesn’t make progress (12+
weeks of observation and data). School Psych does the eval to
figure out why. School team meets to get kid an IEP. Kid receives services at school. with as much time as possible within regular classroom.


What are the Tiers for responses to intervention?

Response to Intervention:
1. Tier I - will catch 80% of kids.
2. Tier II - will catch 10-15% of kids
3. Tier III - will catch 5-10% of kids. Everyone gets TierI and after if more help is needed they need 4-8 weeks of TierII ,then 4-8weeks of Tier III with data. Before we qualify a kid for Special education, we want to make sure they’ve actually been taught!


What are some causes for teachers concerns?

Causes for Teacher Concerns include:
1.Academics- “Everyone else has grown in reading and Timmy can’t keep up."
2. Behavior- “Timmy throws a tantrum after minor redirections.”


What are specific learning disabilities?

Specific Learning Disabilities include problems with written expression, math computation, reading fluency, and skills. This is the most common, there is an “unexplained” discrepancy in achievement.


What is intellectual disabilities>

Intellectual Disabilities include low intellectual and adaptive functioning, across the board low intelligence and adaptive behavior. Associated with several genetic conditions such as Down Syndrome.


What are other health impairments?

Other Health Impairment, ADHD often falls under this category, it was originally meant for kids with long-term conditions like traumatic brain injury, cancer, etc., something that kept kids out of school for extended periods of time.


What is autism spectrum disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized by deficits in communication, deficits in social-emotional reciprocity, deficits in developing and maintaining relationships, severity based on social communication, and impairments and restricted repetitive patterns of behavior.


What is ADHA?

ADHD is DSM-5 diagnosis, but doesn’t automatically get you an IEP. You could qualify for a 504 plan to get extra time on assignments, but if we have data to show that it is directly impacting academic functioning you can qualify for SPED under OHI.