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localization, duration, and description of a cluster headache. Associated symptoms? male vs. female?

unilateral, 15 min-3hr, repetitive headache. causes excruciating periorbital pain with lacrimation and rhinorrhea. It can induce Horner syndrome. more common in males.


Treatment for cluster headache

inhaled O2, sumatriptan


describe the localization, duration and description of a tension headache

bilateral, over 30 min, constant steady pain. no photobia/phonophobia, no aura.


Treatment for tension headaches

analgesics, NSAIDs, acetaminophen, amitriptyline for chronic pain


location, duration, and description of migraine. associated symptoms, male vs female

unilateral headache lasting 4-72 hrs. pulsating pain with nausea or photophobia/phonophobia. may have an aura. due to irritation of CNV, meninges, or blood vessels, which causes release of substance P, CGRP, vasoactive peptides
more female
POUND: pulsatile, one day, unilateral, nausea, disabling


How do you distinguish between cluster headaches and tirgeminal neuralgia?

duration- trigeminal neuralgia causes shooting pain that lasts less than 1 minute. pain from a cluster headache last at least 15 mins.


What are causes of peripheral vertigo?

more common than central vertigo and caused by inner ear etiology like semicircular canal debris, vestibular nerve infection, or Meniere disease.


How do you distinguish peripheral vertigo from central vertigo?

postional testing causes delayed horizontal nystagmus, usually toward the unaffected ear. vertigo is usually fatiguable


What are causes of central vertigo?

brain stem or cerebellar lesion, such as a stroke affecting the vestibular nuclei or a posterior fossa tumor.


Findings associated with central vertigo

diplopia, dysmetria (finger to nose problems), position testing causaes immediate nystagmus. may also have focal neuro findings

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