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2. The telemetry device tested allows for the simultaneous collection of pulmonary and systemic blood pressures in conscious animals. (T or F)



1. T/F. The submandibular approach is a reliable method of collecting blood samples in the cotton rat.



2. Use of which gauge needle is recommended for the subzygomatic method.

18 G


3. T/F. Landmarks for the subzygomatic arch include the intersection of the zygomatic bone and the maxilla.

3. F. Landmarks are the zygomatic bone and the mandibular ramus.


4. Which other blood collection site may also be suitable in the cotton rat?

The sublingual vein.


18F-flurodeoxyglucose is a glucose analog so it useful for evaluating glucose metabolism in various tissues. T/F

T - this radiotracer is used for evaluating glucose metabolism in heart and brain.


The anesthetic regimen is not relevant when comparing results from PET scans with radiotracers. T/F

F - the anesthetic regimen needs to be standardized in order to compare results when evaluating PET with radiotracers since anesthetics have an effect on how the radiotracer is metabolized and blood flow and pressure to the various organs differs with different anesthetic regimens.


T/F. The African Clawed Frog may not be housed in an area where a device emitting a sound pressure level of more than 95 dB is in use?

F. There are currently no published threshold recommendations for vibrations and noise exposure levels for Xenopus.


T/F. The lateral lines of the African Clawed frog can be used for sexual dimorphism.