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***What did Ader & Cohen’s 1975 study tell us about the body’s immune responses?

ran antibody. they found that the mice had the Sac and CY unpaired then thay have a normal antibody response

when Sac, but never experienced CY, there was no difference, it was normal

water - no difference, normal, but when injected with Sac - massive suppression of immune activity

Sac = Saccharin; CY = cyclophosphamide


***What are the 3 main ways that the brain can tune the immune response?

1. neuroendrocrine regulation (stress axis)
2. pautonomicnervous activity: sympathetic and parasympathetic
3. neurogenic inflammation from peripheral nerves


***What are sickness behaviours?

are caused by the production of inflammatory cytokines in the brain in areas important for: stess response, motivation, and cognition


***What causes sickness behaviours?



***How do sickness behaviours contribute to health?

1, behaviour - reduction of food, water, etc - anorexia
2. cognitive - short term memory, memory impairments, etc
3. affective - stress, fatique, anhedonia