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Entire heart, entire mind (wholeheartedly)

Quan xin quan yi (chwan sheen chwan ee)


To take one step at a time

An bu jiu ban (anh boo jyoe banh)


No one can explain the wonder and mystery of it all (tough to figure out or unusual behavior)

Mo ming qi miao (maw meeng chee meow)


Good long no see (long time no see)

hăo jiŭ bú jián


To talk nonsense in eight directions (to talk nonsense)

Hu shuo ba dào (hoo shwaw bah daow)


To display a lambs head but sell dog meat (to cheat someone with false claims)

Gua yang tou mai gou rou (gwah yahng toe my go roe)


With the head of a tiger but the tail of a snake (to start strong but end poorly)

Hu tou she wei (hoo toe shuh way)