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Adena looks on the bright side of life. When a situation is not going well, she is able to bring to light something positive. This is known as?



Helen is dreading taking a statistics class that is required for her psychology degree. There are two sections of the course offered, so she seeks out information from friends and reads teaching reviews about the professors teaching the class. In making her choice of classes, Helen in engaging in?

Decisional control


Interpreting a situation as an emergency is to ______________ as offering assistance in an emergency is to _________________.

pluralistic ignorance, diffusion of responsibility


If you walk into a classroom talking with a friend, and the rest of the members of the class are not talking, you are likely to be quiet and stop your conversation. Your behaviour is an example of _______________.



Jayci lost her husband, daughter, and home in a widespread wildfire. To overcome this ordeal, she turns to old friends and support groups set up in the community for emotional comfort, information, companionship, advice, and financial assistance. This relationship is known as?

Social support


What is the correct sequence of stages in the general adaptation syndrome?

Alarm, resistance, exhaustion


You have just listened to your professor lecture for an hour about material that you find thoroughly confusing. When the professor asks if anyone has any questions, you look around to other students in the class but no one else puts up their hands so you assume you are the only one that is confused. This is an example of?

Pluralistic ignorance


Increases in adrenaline, blood pressure, and anxiety are associated with the?

Fight or flight response


In Milgram’s original study, what percentage of participants displayed complete compliance and administered shocks to the level of 450 volts.



Zimbardo concluded from his Stanford prison study that prisoners and guards adopted their designed roles more easily than anyone might have imagined because of?



Corticosteroids are stress hormones that?

Active the body and prepare it to respond to stressful situations


Cassie spends all of her time thinking about the things she has done wrong. She replays negative events over and over in her mind. As a result, Cassie is suffering from depression. This is caused by the process known as?



Researchers view stress in the following three ways:

stimulus, transaction with the environment, response


Craig thinks that his classmate must have gotten a poor grade on an exam because he is stupid

Fundamental attribution error


Sharlene is walking home from school and witnesses a car accident. She stops to watch what is happening, and although both drivers are unharmed, one driver is extremely angry and starts punching the driver that hit him. Sharlene noticed that she is not the only one to stop and take note of the situation. There are a number of other people standing on the street watching, and many cars have driven by. She assumes that someone has phoned the police and does not even think of using her cell phone to call 911. Sharlene’s behaviour can be explained by _________________?

Diffusion of responsibility


Selye’s GAS describes?

How people react when exposed to stressors


Crisis debriefing following a traumatic event isn’t effective and may worsen traumatic responses because?

Interferes with natural coping strategies


Raoul wanted a new cellphone. One of the companies was offering free cellphones with a purchase of a new contract. Along with the offer came free text messaging for a month. Raoul purchased the contract. After the month, he liked the text package so much he kept it at a rather hefty price. This is an example of?

Foot in the door


Both Nicole and Sandy need to buy a new cellphone. They get pamphlets on the top-selling phones, including the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone. Nicole decides to buy the iPhone simply because it is an Apple product and she has a crush on the salesman at her local store, whereas Sandy decides to purchase the iPhone after making a spreadsheet of the pros and cons of each phone and carefully weighing her options. In this example, Nicole is influenced by the _______________ route to persuasion and Sandy is influenced by the _______________ route to persuasion.



The alarm reaction stage of the general adaptation syndrome is most commonly associated with the release of which hormone?



As the number of people present during an emergency _______________, the likelihood that any one individual will help _______________.

Increases, decreases
(or the opposite)


Jon has an upcoming term paper that he knows is going to take a lot of work so it is stressing him out. He chooses to engage in proactive coping and sets a goal of writing two pages on his paper every night and leaving time to review and revise his writing. What type of control is Jon engaging in to manage his stress?

Information control


Burning your toast, having trouble opening an email attachment, breaking a glass, and running late for an appointment are all examples of?



A condition called _______________ occurs when cholesterol deposits in the large arteries from plaque and restrict blood flow, which can result in stroke, heart attack and serious chest pain.



Eric was recently fired from his job. His response to this stressful event was to take charge of the situation and research available jobs in his field. Then, he applied to each of the open positions for which he was qualified, in order to reduce the impact of the situation. This actie type of coping is known as?

Behavioural control


Melissa’s mother was recently diagnosed with leukemia. As a result, Melissa is now required to take care of all of her mother’s personal needs and manage her financial affairs. Melissa is already a full time student, and is also the primary caregiver for her son. However, Melissa has an attitude that things could be worse. She is confident that she will get through this crisis. Thus, she is displaying?



George is at a pub watching the Stanley Cup final game. When his local team loses, everyone in the bar starts booing and running around outside of the bar. People begin to smash windows of cars and business and some people begin to loot stores. George gets “caught up” in this and joins in the rioting behaviour. What concept is depicted in this example?

deindividuation - mobs


40. Adelaida hears a rattling sound as she hikes through the desert. Her muscles tense and blood pressure rises. According to Hans Selye, she is in the?

Alarm phase

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