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Can contact lenses be worn with the SCBA?



What kind of corrective lenses are required during SCBA use?

-Must not interfere with the good seal
-glasses with temple bars with straps that pass between the face and the seal of the facepiece must not be used
-Each size facepiece maybe equipped with the lens frame kit --the Department will issue corrective lens kits to members that request them


Can an SCBA ever be used on underwater?

-Submersion will render interoperative
- if it becomes submerge OOS RT-2 to MSU


Where is the date of manufacture listed on the Scott cylinder?

On Scott label- month and year


What is the service life of an air cylinder?

15 years


How often is hydrostatic testing done?

Every five years


After cylinder has been hydrostaticlly tested, where will the date be found to indicate so?

Top of the cylinder
Example: The number 102 will indicate the cylinder was tested in January 2002


How often will 10 minutes escape cylinders used by special operations command units at confined space need to be hydrostatic tested

Every three years


The service duration times for 30,45, and 60 minutes cylinders are determined by a NIOSH breathing machine test simulating an average adult moderate work rate of ______ liters per minute.

40 L per minute
30 minutes cylinder=approx 1200 l
45=1800 l
60=2400 l


How are designated training cylinders identified?

Bluetop and or polymer protective sleeve
**^these cylinders are not to be used for firefighting purposes


The cylinder should be exchanged for one that is full when....

-Prior to operating the remote gauge reads less than full( green area)
-When the remote gauge & HUD leads less than 25%


During inspection of SCBA there maybe a need to tighten or replace the Nylon O-Ring to do so......

Use a 1/8 inch Allen wrench and a 7/16 inch open end wrench


A SCBA with a missing UAC dustcover shall.........

Be placed out of service
tag with an RT-2 and to MSU


What side of the backframe is the pressure reducing assembly mounted?



The PRA normally reduces the operating pressure to ___psi before entering the regulators low pressure hose.



A malfunction of the PRA primary system will automatically direct breathing air into the secondary system. When this occurs the operating pressure will be reduced to____ PSI and cause the vibralert to activate.



What happens when there is failure of PRA in both the primary and secondary systems?

-Will activate relief valve and PRA discharge all pressure in excess of 185 PSI into the atmosphere
-Cylinder should be partially closed allowing only minimal air to release permitting member to both breathe and conserve air.


What is the function of the low pressure hose?

Conveys breathing air from the PRA to the regulator assembly


It's the manual shut off switch mounted on top of the regulator assembly is not pressed a full 45 minute cylinder can be depleted in approximately_______.

4 minutes


The EZ Flow II regulator is made of......

High density plastic that won't dent


What is the color is the purge valve and where is it located on the regulator?

Red left side


Where is the Vibralert alarm housed?

Within the regulator


Does the vibralert and HUD work independently or together?

Independently and may not activate at precisely the same time


What does the heads up display consist of?

-Four rectangular lights
- one round red light (low battery)


When the cylinder valve is turned on the HUD will initialize and illuminate all ______lights for _______.

5 lights
20 seconds


What would indicate a full cylinder in the HUD?

Two green lights glowing near the center display


What would indicate three quarters of a cylinder in the HUD?

Single green light glowing


What would indicate a half cylinder in HUD?

Yellow light flashing slowly once a second


What would indicate one quarter cylinder in the HUD?

Red light at the far left rapidly flashing 10 times second


Where is the low battery warning light located in the HUD?

Far right ( red)


Scott AV 2000 facepiece comes in three sizes and are color-coded what are they?

Small- Green
Comfort -black
Extra large -red


And when fastening the Kevlar headnet, which straps should be pulled first?

First the bottom then the top snug


This Scott Pak-alert SE 7 and PASS alarm are used interchangeably, once activated the PASS alarm will remain activated until?

-The cylinder is turned off and the residual pressure purged from the regulator
-the reset button has been pressed twice


When will the Pak-Alert alarm go into pre-alarm?

If the sensor module does not sense any motion of the SCBA for 20 seconds


How does Pre-alarm become reset?

Reset by movement of the SCBA or reset by pressing and holding the reset button until three quick portable chirps are heard & the red flashing light on the console is replaced by a green flashing light


Where is the motion sensor in the sensor module located?

Under the air cylinder valve

***NOT in the control ****


When does the pak-alert go into full alarm?

12 seconds after the pre-alarm starts
Full alarm is indicated by a loud almost continuous three tone alarm, flashing red signal light on the control console and Buddy lights
can only be cleared by manually pressing the reset button twice


How do you clear the pak-alert when it goes into full alarm?

When manually pressing the reset button twice


What indicates that batteries are beginning to approach the end for their useful life?

Chirp every two seconds and the green light on the control module will go out.


How is it battery test conducted on the Pak- alert SE 7?

With cylinder valve closed press and hold the reset button on the console
Green indicates sufficient battery
Read indicates the batteries must be replaced


What size and how many batteries are used to replace the Pak-Alert SE 7?

Six new AA batteries of the same brand


The battery life of the Pak-alert in automatic will provide approximately ______hours of life.
In full alarm _________hours.




Is the Pak- alert intrinsically safe?



When is SCBA inspected?

Immediately after the 0900-1800 hour roll calls
Before the start MUD
After each use


What side of the facepiece is the split ring attached to?

Right side


During standby position,the split ring is hooked over the open tab on the ________shoulder strap alligator clip.



Well performing the swim move what parts of the body need to pass through the studs first?

The right knee and the right shoulder and the head through the studs then bring the left arm over the left shoulder in the swimming motion


Is it permitted to share face pieces with members?



What is the emergency touch signal?

Four distinct blows on the shoulder and then pull that member in a specific direction


When a pass alarm is activated in the full cycle for ______ the member hearing the alarm should immediately notify the IC

10 seconds


A hypochlorite solution consists of

1/4 cup of household bleach to 1 gallon of water (1:100)
Techservices distributes bleach packages use one package to 1 gallon of water


What is the procedure for contaminated SCBA's or components that cannot be cleaned due to
blood or other body fluids?

-Place in double sealed clear bag with biohazard label attached
-Tag attached with details of known or suspected contaminants
-Place on rig to preserve integrity integrity of the bag
-At Qtrs place in the light traffic area
-notify SOC for pick up


What is used clean as SCBA parts?

Household strengths soaps or detergent mixed with warm water


When cleaning the facepiece in the hypochlorite solution,how long shall it remain immersed for?

No longer than five minutes


What is the regulator disinfecting procedure?

70% isopropyl alcohol
Potable water running or spray bottle
The press manual SO, close the purge knob by turning fully clockwise sprayed a minimum of 6 pumps of alcohol into the regulator opening
Allow 10 minutes of contact time to disinfect prior to rinsing


How often is PMP completed on an SCBA?

the month and year of the last service date is recorded on the surface of the PRA where high-pressure hose connects


The PRA on all SCBA's are labeled with?

Unit identification and sequential numbering within the unit


SCBA labels are color-coded with white numerals what are they for various units?

Engine black ladder red
rescue blue hazmat blue
squad yellow Batt yellow
Batt spare orange marine Green MSU spare black


SCBAs have numbers for assigned positions what are they?

1 officer 2chauffeur
3 nozzle 3 roof
4 back up 4 OV
5control 5 irons
6 door 6 can


What color is the Fast-Pak decal is affixed to the apparatus compartment?

White background with red lettering


Is the fast pack equipped with a vibralert or heads-up display indicator?

No neither


How long is the high-pressure hose of the fast Pak?

5 feet


How long is the low pressure hose of the fastpak?

20 feet


Which fastpak has universal air coupling attached to it?

5 foot high pressure


The low-pressure hose off the fast pass is attached to a manifold with?

Schrader fitting and Hansen fitting

*Hansen fitting is the one that will connect to Facepiece
Schrader is a rescue fitting


How long will it take for the high-pressure hose equalize both cylinders?

Approximately 60 seconds


How is the Hanson fitting disconnected?

Pushed the male Coupling first then pull back the sleeve to disengage coupling


How often is the fastpack inspected?

Beginning of each tour after each use


Hydrogen cyanide is a gas that is colorless but has a noticeable ________odor.


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