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Lab Practical 1
What is the function of the integ...,
What organs make up the integumen...,
171  cards
Chapter 1
Define anatomy,
What is inspection,
What is palpation
36  cards
What is a frontal coronal plane,
What is a sagittal section,
What is a transverse section
99  cards
Chapter 2
What is an element,
What is an atomic number,
What atoms are found in the nucleus
99  cards
Chapter 3
What is cytology,
What is cell theory,
What does a squamous cell look like
80  cards
Lab Practical 2
0  cards
Chapter 4
What is dna s structure,
How many dna molecules in the nuc...,
What type of molecule is dna
107  cards
Chapter 5
4 tissue types,
What is an organ,
What is histology
169  cards
Chapter 6
What is the most vulnerable organ,
What harmful things can skin be e...,
What system receives the most med...
136  cards
Chapter 7
What is the study of bone,
What is the skeletal system made ...,
What are ligaments
105  cards
Chapter 8
What is the axial skeleton,
What is the appendicular skeleton,
How many bones do adults have
177  cards
Lab Slides, Week 6
What are the 3 parts of the sternum,
Topmost part of the sternum,
Middle part of the sternum
81  cards
Chapter 9
What is a joint articulation,
What is arthrology,
What is kinesiology
124  cards
Lab Practical 2
Significant location of simple sq...,
Function of simple squamous epith...,
Function of simple cuboidal epith...
157  cards
Chapter 10
Functions of muscle,
What does muscular system refer to,
What is the study of skeletal mus...
224  cards
Chapter 11
Characteristics of all muscle cells,
What is excitability,
What is conductivity
126  cards
Anatomical Actions
What is a flexion,
What is an extension,
What is a hyperextension
17  cards
Lecture Exam 3
What do the scalene muscles do,
What does the sternocleidomastoid do,
What does the sternohyoid muscle do
261  cards
Chapter 12
What is the study of the nervous ...,
What are the 3 steps of the nervo...,
2 major anatomical divisions of n...
118  cards
Chapter 13
Principal functions of the spinal...,
What is locomotion,
What are reflexes
118  cards
Chapter 14
What does rostral mean,
What does caudal mean,
What sex has a larger brain
127  cards
Chapter 15
What are some functions the ans r...,
What does the ans control,
Primary target organs of ans
112  cards
Lab Practical #3
Characteristics of skeletal muscle,
Characteristics of cardiac muscle,
Characteristics of smooth muscle
264  cards
Hierarchy of anatomy,
Simplest body structure considere...,
What are emergent properties
143  cards
Order of visual,
Order of auditory,
Order of olfactory
6  cards
Chapter 16
What is a sensory receptor,
What is a sense organ,
What is transduction
169  cards
Chapter 17
Differences between nervous and e...,
What does the endocrine system us...,
What does the nervous system use ...
151  cards
What does the anterior pituitary ...,
Target of follicle stimulating ho...,
Function of follicle stimulating ...
64  cards
Chapter 18
What is hemodynamics,
What is the formula for blood pre...,
Components of cardiac output
135  cards
Lecture Exam 1
What is a clue that a hormone com...,
Difference between how adh and al...,
Where is the hypophyseal portal s...
165  cards
Chapter 19
What is cardiology,
Divisions of the cardiovascular s...,
What is the pulmonary circuit
162  cards
Lab Practical 1
What is the,
Review the thyroid gland slide,
Review the parathyroid gland slide
171  cards
Chapter 20
Most common circulatory route,
What are portal systems,
Notable portal systems
156  cards
Exam 2
Functions of blood,
What does blood regulate,
Normal blood ph
233  cards
Exam 2 part 2
What mean arterial pressure means...,
General functions of wbcs,
Normal range of wbc count
154  cards
Lab Practical 2
How do erythrocytes look on a blo...,
General functions of erythrocytes,
How do neutrophils look on a bloo...
264  cards
Exam 3 Essentials
A physician orders tylenol for a ...,
A patient is suffering from edema...,
Gary deliberately hyperventilates...
172  cards
Lab Practical 3
Id nasal cavity on model,
Where is the nasal cavity,
Id the hard palate on the
399  cards
Exam 4
What are the 4 tissue layers of t...,
What is the mucosa layer of the d...,
What is the submucosa layer of th...
199  cards
0  cards

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