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Guinea pig
Guinea pig,
Models for,
Clasification of gp
125  cards
BB Ch 2
Awa of 1966,
Awa of 1970,
Awa of 1976
49  cards
Syrian hamster,
Chinese hamster,
Armenian hamster
151  cards
Occ Health Guidelines
What does nrc stand for,
What organization does the nrc op...,
List 4 major nrc reports pertaini...
123  cards
Other rodents
59  cards
Facility Design and Management
Define biosecurity,
Define programming in terms of fa...,
What is in the program document i...
78  cards
NW and OW NHP models
Callithrix spp are used for,
Saguinus spp used for,
Saimiri spp used for
209  cards
PHS questions
Health research extension act of ...,
Responsibilities of animal care c...,
Requirements for an assurance
25  cards
AWA questions
Year first laboratory animal welf...,
What was primarily covered by the...,
What year was the 1st revision of...
140  cards
Guide questions
Define engineering standard,
Define performance standard,
Define practice standard
58  cards
BB Ch 12; microbiological quality control
Define gnotobiotic,
Define spf,
What are the characteristics used...
48  cards
misc cards
List some rat eplipsy models,
Immunodeficiency viruses are in w...,
What are anabolic steroids classi...
90  cards
A &A (BBCH24 and A&ABB)
What is the recommended acclimati...,
What class of anesthetic are keta...,
Effects produced by ketamine
122  cards
numbers to know
Gestation for dideplhis virginiana,
Gestation for monodelphis domestica,
Gestation for mice
40  cards
experimental techniques
Locations for vascular access in ...,
Locations for vascular access in ...,
Locations for vascular access in ...
13  cards
mouse coat color
Pheomelanin is responsible for wh...,
Eumelanin is responsible for what...,
Myo5a is responsible for what par...
30  cards
mouse immunodeficiency models
What mutation is present in nude ...,
What mutation is present in scid ...,
Deficiencies seen in nude mice
24  cards
other mouse models
List the mouse models for retinal...,
What is the mutation that is resp...,
What is the defect seen in the ob...
21  cards
primary species cram cards
Rabbit diseases cryptosporidiosis,
Pig diseasesswine influenza,
Pig diseases things to know about...
398  cards
BB 22- Japanese Quail
What is the genus and species of ...,
What are they used for in research,
What is their average life span i...
81  cards
Comp Med
0  cards
BB Ch 36- Facilities
What does the acronym ashrae stan...,
Define biosecurity,
What type of facility is operatio...
100  cards

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