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Year first laboratory animal welfare act was published



What was primarily covered by the 1966 Laboratory animal Act

dogs were of primary interest, covered animal holding facilities (ie before and after research, not during)


What year was the 1st revision of the AWA

1970, renamed animal welfare act


What was primarily covered by the 1970 amendment to the AWA

research facilities were required to file annual report, pain categories, included zoos, circuses, all warm blooded animal species


the 1976 AWA amendment included what?

prohibited animal fighting ventures and transport for, expanded animal transportation requirements


the 1985 AWA amendment included what?

exercise requirement, IACUC, AWIC,


the 1990 AWA amendment included what?

5 day holding period


AWA definition of animal

any living or dead, dog , cat, non human primate, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit or any other warm-blooded animal which is being used for research, teaching, testing, experimentation, or exhibition purposes except birds, mice of the genus Mus and rats of the genus Rattus


definition of major operative procedure by AWA

body cavity is penetrated, produces permanent impairment of physical or psychological functions


definition of primary enclosure

structure or device used to restrict an animal to a limited amount of space


what is a study area as defined by the AWA?

any building, room, area, or enclosure outside a core facility in which animals are housed for >12hrs


definition of sanitize

to make physically clean and to remove and destroy to the maximum degree practical, agents injurious to health


definition of dealer

any person who, in commerce, for compensation or profit, delivers for transportation, or transports, except as a carrier, buys, or sells, or negotiates the sale of, (1) any dog or other animal whether alive or dead for research, teaching, exhibition, or use as a pet, or (2) any dog for hunting, security, or breeding purposes


exceptions to the definition of dealer

- a retail pet store, except if such store sells to a research facility
- any person who does not derive no more than $500 gross income from the sale of other animals during any calendar year.
This comes from part 1, part 2 has a larger number of exceptions.


AWA definition of animal

any live or dead dog, cat, monkey (nonhuman primate mammal), guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, or other such warm-blooded animal, as the Secretary may determine is being used, or is intended for use, for research, testing, experimentation, exhibition purposes, or as a pet


exclusion to AWA definition of animal

- birds
- rats of the genus Rattus bred for research
- mice of the genus Mus bred for research
- horses not used for research purposes
other farm animals, such as, but not limited to livestock, or poultry used or intended for use for improving animal nutrition, breeding, management, or production efficiency, or for improving the quality of food or fiber.


when would a retail pet store need to be licensed as a dealer

when they sell any dog or cat to a dealer or research facility and derive a substantial portion of their income (as determined by the Secretary) from the breeding and raising of dogs or cats on his own premises


holding period for dealer or exhibitor

5 business days


what entities are required to be licensed under the AWA?

dealers and exhibitors (see definitions above)


what entities are required to be registered under the AWA?

every research facility, every intermediate handler, every carrier, and every exhibitor not licensed under 2133 of this title


What persons can sell animals to a research facility but are exempted from obtaining a license

any retail pet store or other person who derives less than a substantial portion of his income from the breeding and raising of dogs or cats on his own premises and sells any such dog or cat to a dealer or research facility


what should the facility inspection report include?

signed by a majority of the Committee members involved in the inspection
include reports of any violations
include any minority views of the Committee
include any other information pertinent to the actitity


how long should the inspection certification report be kept on file?

at least 3 years


for federal research facilities, to whom should deviations be reported?

The head of the Federal agency conducting the research


What 4 components are required to be part of the training provided to scientists, technicians, and other personell involved with animal care?

instruction on:
1) humane practice of animal maintenance and experimentation
2) research or testing methods that minimize or eliminate the use of animals or limit animal pain or distress
3) utilization of the information services at AWIC
4) methods whereby deficiencies in animal care and treatment should be reported.


how often will the Secretary inspect each research facility?

once each year, and in the case of deficiencies or deviations conduct follow-up inspections


what is the definition of a field study under AWA?

a study conducted on free-living wild animals in their natural habitat. However, this term excludes any study that involves an invasive procedure, harms, or materially alters the behavior of an animal under study.


definition of indoor housing facility

must be capable of controlling temperature
enclosed with a roof, floor, and walls continuous connection
at least one door for entry and exit, any windows or openings must be covered with glass or hard plastic


definition of non-conditioned animal

animals which have not been subjected to special care and treatment for sufficient time to stabilize, and where necessary, to improve their health


definition of outdoor housing facility

any structure, building, land or premise, housing or intended to house animals, which does not meet the definition of any other type of housing facility, temperatures cannot be controlled within limits