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Chapter 1: EMS Systems
_____ is a multidisciplinary syst...,
List the four levels of ems,
Emr s have _______ and provide __...
28  cards
Chapter 2: Worforce Safety
________ is caused by organisms w...,
A _______ can be spread from one ...,
Infection risk can be minimized b...
26  cards
Chapter 3: Medical, Legal, and Ethical issues
Basic principle of emergency care...,
Consent is permission to,
A person must give _____ for trea...
30  cards
Chapter 4: Communications and Documentation
_______ is the transmission of in...,
A _____ the a written portion of ...,
Therapeutic communication uses va...
20  cards
Chapter 5: Human Body
Anatomic position is when the pat...,
List the three planes of the body,
The coronal place separates the b...
91  cards
Chapter 6: Life Span Development
_____ usually weigh 6 8 lbs at birth,
_____ occurs when something touch...,
School age children in the stage ...
27  cards
Chapter 7: Principles of Pharmacology
______ is the process by which me...,
____ is a medication that causes ...,
______ is a medication that binds...
55  cards
Chapter 8: Patient Assessment
List the 5 main parts of patient ...,
A ______ is subjective what the p...,
A _______ is objective it is what...
41  cards
Chapter 9: Airway Managment
Brain tissue will begin to die wi...,
____ of the brain is lost every m...,
Oxygen reaches the bodies tissues...
102  cards
Chapter 10: Shock
Shock _____,
Shock means a state of collapse a...,
In the ___ stages of shock the bo...
65  cards
Topic Exam 1 (Ch 1-6)
Standing orders should be followe...,
In which of the following situati...,
You are assessing a 75 year old w...
30  cards
Topic Exam 2 (Ch 7 + 8)
_____ should be administered to p...,
An mdi delivers _____ every time ...,
The _____ maneuver should be used...
30  cards
Topic Exam 3 (Ch 9 + 10)
You are dispatched to a residence...,
With anaphylactic shock each subs...,
Shock is the result of
30  cards
Early cpr represents which step i...,
The automated external defibrilla...,
Which of the following statements...
27  cards
Chapter 12: Medical Terminology
Seizures and stroke are examples ...,
Your awareness and concern for po...,
You should form your general impr...
54  cards
Chapter 13: Respiratory Emergencies
Shortness of breath or difficulty...,
Remember the sensation of not get...,
Patients with congestive heart fa...
55  cards
Chapter 14: CV Emergencies
Which of the following ways to he...,
Chest pain or discomfort that is ...,
An acute myocardial infarction am...
70  cards
Chapter 15: Neurologic Emergencies
Stroke is a common cause of brain...,
When assessing a scene do not be ...,
The time of onset during a suspec...
73  cards
Chapter 16: GI and Urologic Emergencies
Remember that the patient is in p...,
Diverticulitis occurs in which qu...,
An aortic aneurysm will occur in ...
51  cards
Chapter 17: Endocrine and Hematologic Emergencies
Assessment and intervention in a ...,
Which of the following is not a p...,
_______ is a genetic disorder in ...
23  cards
Chapter 18: Immunologic Emergencies
Another common name for envenomat...,
Injection of medications such as ...,
Eating certain foods such as shel...
44  cards
Chapter 19: Toxicology
What is the first question you sh...,
Opioids are medications with acti...,
Essentially poisons get into the ...
49  cards
Chapter 20: Psychiatric Emergencies
At one time or another one in ___...,
Schizophrenia and depression are ...,
In assessing a nonthreatening pat...
20  cards
Chapter 21: Gynecologic Emergencies
What is are the primary female re...,
________ is an infection of the f...,
_______ can be caused by ectopic ...
29  cards
Chapter 31: Obstetrics and Neonatal Care
____ or womb is responsible for c...,
_____ is made of the vagina and c...,
The ____ completes the passageway...
57  cards
Chapter 22: Trauma Overview
When evaluating the _________ you...,
The emt uses newton s laws in und...,
During a frontal impact collision...
13  cards
Chapter 23: Bleeding
The cardiovascular system contain...,
Which blood vessel returns blood ...,
When an adult patient quickly los...
13  cards
Chapter 24: Soft-tissue injuries
What organ is responsible for tem...,
In the most severe cases how much...,
What does the r in the acronym ri...
15  cards
Chapter 29: Orthopaedic
Which of the following is not a t...,
Approximately how many bones are ...,
A _________ is any break in the b...
15  cards
Topic Exam 4 (Ch 15, 16, 17)
Hemoglobin is,
Injury to a hollow organ would mo...,
You are treating a 40 year old ma...
27  cards
Chapter 25: Face and Neck Injuries
What is the correct term for the ...,
In what manner should the emt flu...,
When treating a patient with an i...
31  cards
Chapter 26: Head and Spinal Trauma
The central nervous system is div...,
What controls the body s vital or...,
How many vertebrae are in the tho...
30  cards
Chapter 27: Chest Injuries
__________ is the exchange of air...,
How many lobes does the right lun...,
What is tachypnea
35  cards
Chapter 28: Abdomen and Genitourinary Injuries
When solid organs are injured the...,
What is the soft tissue landmark ...,
Bruising of the upper right quadr...
23  cards
Chapter 30: Environmental Emergencies
The rate and amount of heat loss ...,
A number of factors will affect h...,
At what age do young children hav...
48  cards
Chapter 32: Pediatric Emergencies
Which of the following statements...,
Fever in children is a common rea...,
Head injuries are common in child...
31  cards
Chapter 33: Geriatric Emergencies
The term geriatric refers to pati...,
What is the gems diamond,
Geriatric patients are at risk fo...
23  cards
Chapter 34: Patients with Special Challenges
Developmental disabilities may be...,
When approaching a developmentall...,
When caring for a visually impair...
18  cards
Topic Exam 8 (Ch 30, 32, 33, 34)
When caring for a geriatric patie...,
When a child experiences blunt ch...,
Under what circumstances is a lef...
33  cards
Chapter 36: Transport Operations
Vehicles that meet federal specif...,
The federal specifications that c...,
The first phase of an ambulance c...
17  cards
Chapter 37: Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue
The removal of a patient from a d...,
The role of the emt in the phases...,
What equipment for personal safet...
13  cards
Chapter 38: Incident Management
Scenes involving hazardous materi...,
The emt should consider the prese...,
A general rule for establishing a...
16  cards
Chapter 39: Terrorism Response and Disaster Management
Attacks against the citizens of o...,
While only a small percentage of ...,
The dhs advisory systems identifi...
16  cards

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