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when caring for a geriatric patient with a traumatic injury it is important to consider that the injury may have been preceded by a _____

medical condition


when a child experiences blunt chest injury the flexible ribs....

can be compressed without breaking


under what circumstances is a left ventricular assist device used

as a bridge to a heart transplant while a donor heart is being located


while drinking beer with his friends near a creek, a 31 year old male was bitten on the leg by an unidentified snake. The patient is conscious and alert and in no apparent distress. Your assessment of his leg reveals two small puncture marks with minimal pain and swelling. In addition to administering oxygen and providing reassurance, further care for this patient should include: ____, _____, and _____

supine positioning, splinting the leg, and transporting


the body's natural cooling mechanism, in which sweat is converted to a gas, is called



the stooped posture of some older people, which gives them a humpback appearance is called



the body's natural protective mechanisms against heat loss are ____ and _____

vasoconstriction and shivering


airway management can be challenging in patients with down syndrome because their teeth are _____ and they have a large ____

teeth are misaligned and they have a large tongue


which of the following would be the most practical method of communicating with a hearing-impaired patient until his or her hearing aids can be located
a) attempting to use body language to determine the problem
b) using a piece of paper and writing utensil to ask questions
c) using a high pitched voice while speaking directly into the ear
d) contacting dispatch and requesting a sign language interpreter

b) using a piece of paper and writing utensil to ask questions


the components of the PAT are

appearance, work of breathing, and skin ciruclation


a tube from the brain to the abdomen that drains excessive CSF is called a



an infant with severe dehydration would be expected to present with

absent urine output


drowning is most accurately defined as

death from suffocation after submersion in water


burns associated with lightning strikes are typically



to assess a patient's general temperature, pull back your glove and place the back of your hand on his or her skin at the



a 13 year old child is on a home ventilator. the parents call because the ventilator is malfunctioning and the child has increasing respiratory distress. you should:

disconnect the ventilator and use a BVM


when immobilizing an injured child in a pediatric immobilization device you should secure the ____ before the ___

secure the torso before the head


when inserting an OPA in an infant or child, you should

depress the tongue with a tongue depressor


a service dog is easily identified by its



many older victims of physical abuse may make false statements or lie about the origin of their injuries because

they fear retribution from the abuser


which of the following observations or statements represents the "E" in the GEMS diamond?
a) elderly patients present atypically and deserve your respect
b) the patient's residence is cold due to a malfunctioning heater
c) a patient is assisted with his or her activities of daily living
d) the patient's medications have not been filled in 2 months

b) the patient's residence is cold due to a malfunctioning heater


with regard to the legal implications of child abuse EMTs...

EMTs must report all suspected cases of child abuse


the two most efficient ways for the body to eliminate excess heat are

sweating and dilation of skin blood vessels


which of the following statements regarding interaction with the caregiver of a child or adult with special health care needs is correct?
a) in most cases, it is more appropriate for the EMT to contact medical control prior to speaking with the patient's primary caregiver
b) before performing an assessment of the patient's ABCs the EMT should ask the caregiver about the patient's medical condition
c) in general, the EMT should only speak with a certified home health care provider because he or she is the expert on the patient's illness
d) communication with the patient's caregiver or family members is important because they are the most familiar with the patient's condition

d) communication with the patient's caregiver or family members is important because they are the most familiar with the patient's condition


high humidity reduces the body's ability to lose heat through



older patients tend to use more ___ means of suicide than younger patients



when immobilizing a patient with a kyphotic spine to a long board the EMT would MOST likely have to

place blankets behind the patient's head


unless he or she is critically ill or injured you should generally begin your assessment of a toddler at the



an older patient with significant dehydration would most likely present with _____ or _____ upon ____

dizziness or fainting upon standing


the most common cause of dehydration in pediatric patients is _____ and _____

vomiting and diarrhea


when caring for a patient who is visually impaired, it is important to ______, _____, ______

tell him or her what is happening, identify noises, and describe the situation and surroundings


while obtaining a sample history from an adolescent patient you should make inquiries about _____ in private

sexual activity


you and your partner are standing by at a large social event at a river resort when a frantic woman tells you that she found a young male floating face-down in the water. Nobody claims to have witnessed the event. After you and your partner safely enter the water and stand waist-deep and reach the patient you should:

move him as a unit to a supine position