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Which intervention would you use? The one

published with data on 20 subjects using an A-B design.
** published with data on three subjects demonstrating efficacy and experimental control.
described in the discussion section of a refereed journal.
published in Time magazine.


Ensuring the rights and welfare of individuals

requires that the behavior analyst be sensitive to the client's culture.
may involve instituting special safeguards or restrictions.
is a value of behavior analysts.


Rights and prerogatives of clients include

Rights and prerogatives of clients include:
(a) support under the law
(b) documentation of behavior analyst's credentials
(c) electronic recordings of interviews kept secure and confidential
(d) accurate credential of behavior analyst
(e) procedures for complaining about behavior analysts
(f) being informed of one's rights.
However, rights are not unlimited. (BACB, 2010)


A client strips in public.

This behavior should be addressed to maintain that individual's dignity.


When providing services at the request of a third party, clarify the

relationship with each party at the outset of service. ****
relationship with each party prior to completion of service.
remunerative arrangements only through another party.
(Do not provide services at the request of a third party.)


Despite the proper application of interventions, a consumer is going to cause significant damage from self-injurious behavior if she is not restrained. However, there is a law that prohibits restraint. You are

obligated to make known your commitment to the Conduct Guidelines, but you must attempt to resolve the issue legally.


Despite your efforts to the contrary, you have difficulty working with certain types of clients and feel you cannot be effective with them. You should

You should work on your prejudice, but not at the expense of others. Do not work with such individuals until you have resolved your issues to the point at which you could provide effective services. Refer them to another qualified professional. (BACB, 2010; Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007, p. 660)


You receive a referral to do a school consultation. You arrive and the principal tells you that they need a timeout procedure for a child. You should

tactfully explain that you must first conduct a functional assessment and base your intervention on that assessment.


You learn that a behavior analyst who coaches his son's little league team uses minimal reinforcement and ineffectively uses punishment on his players. As a result, one of the players has acquired aggressive behavior being directed toward peers.

Although you may have a moral obligation to do something, you are not obligated by the Conduct Guidelines to do anything because the coach is not in the role of a behavior analyst. (BACB, 2010)



Self-determination is a value of behavior analysts. It is fostered by teaching certain skills and, at times, it may require that safeguards and restrictions be put into place. Self-determination would not be a good target behavior because it is not a behavior. Also, goals that promote any degree of independence can be worthy. (American Psychological Association, 2002, p. 4)


Which is a deceptive statement and should not be used in a public media presentation?

"Learn how to use timeout to improve behavior and teach new social skills."


Which exemplifies a dual relationship? You

are coach of your supervisors' son's bowling team.


Behavior analysts' presentations to the public should not

When making media presentations to the public, behavior analysts' do not provide individual advice of a clinical nature, they do not encourage the perception that audience members have established a personal relationship with them, and they do not solicit business from vulnerable individuals who may need their services. (BACB, 2010)


Claims of the effectiveness of an intervention should be

Select interventions that have been scientifically validated, which means that they have been demonstrated to be effective under the rigors of an experimental design. Prior to being published in a scholarly journal, the experiment is reviewed by expert editors who either approve or reject it on scientific grounds. Scientific validation is strengthened if results are replicated in subsequent research. (BACB, 2010; Baer, Wolf, & Risley, 1968; Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007, p. 676; Van Houten et al, 1988)


A child with ADHD who has been determined as having a disability under the IDEA has been expelled from school. You should

As a behavior analyst, you should support individuals' rights under the law. This would include informing parents of their child's right to a free, appropriate education. (BACB, 2010)


An intervention that has been scientifically validated

Single-subject experimental designs are just as valid, and often more valid, than group designs. Preference should be given to interventions that have been scientifically validated over those that have not been scientifically validated. (BACB, 2010; Baer, Wolf, & Risley, 1968; Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007, p. 676; Van Houten et al, 1988)

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