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The Mountain Rescue Team is going to offer internet tuition for members via a website. Describe three advantages of using a graphical user interface (GUI) on the website. (6 marks)

images can be used by all levels of user (1) do not know who is using it (1), pictures easier than lots of text (1) eg relate to mountain rescue – pictures of knots (1), menus options pages/drop down pop up (1) allows access to options (1)


The interface for the new system could be WIMP or command line.
Justify the use of a WIMP interface for the new system. (6)

 end user does not have to remember lots of codes to operate it
 less training required for the end user – they can start to use the system straight away
 similar to systems they have already used so their confidence will be high and more likely to accept the system – less resistance to change  help system will contain graphics, moving images and be built into the interface, can even be context sensitive and more useful.

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