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Describe critical path analysis as a tool for project planning (4 marks)

 shows the relationships between parts of a project
(1) and the time each part will take to complete / EST and LFT / the overall time it will take to complete (1)
 allows the project manager to identify the critical path for each part (1) which is the order they have to be done in (1)
 if one part is delayed (1) the entire project will not meet the final deadline (1)
 once the time for each part is established (1) the critical path is the one that has the maximum time (1)
 allows the project manager to identify tasks that may run over time (1) in order to divert additional resources (1)


Describe two ways Gantt charts are used as a tool for project planning. (4)

list the order that tasks need to be completed in (1) and any necessary predecessor tasks (1)
 an overall plan can be constructed (1) indicating where
simultaneous tasks can take place / total time of project (1)  each task is represented as a block of time (1) each block
gives an indication of how long each task is expected to take
compared with other tasks (1)
 individuals can be allocated to tasks (1) and people and
equipment hired at the right time (1)
 pressure points can be identified (1) when all members of the
team are working at capacity and all resources have been allocated (1)


Explain two advantages of using Critical Path Analysis (CPA) when developing a system. (4)

allows tasks that must be completed first to be seen (1) allowing resources to be directed to them (1)
 shows the redundancy that is built in (1) showing which parts of the project can overrun without affecting the rest (1)
 shows the concurrent tasks (1) which allow the project manager to hire more staff to complete them (1)
 shows when resources need to be on site (1) so money not tied up in buying resources before they are required (1).


Create a Critical Path Analysis diagram for the development of this software application using the data in the table below. 15a June 2011, Look at the table

Refer to June 2011 q15a mark scheme

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