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Explain how the following (attention, memory) affect the design of an interface. (4 marks)

ATTENTION: will be maintained by the consistent use of colour/layout (1), the user will have a limited attention span (1),
use of flashing/inverse video/pop-up messages/sounds/alternative technique to draw attention to something (1)
MEMORY: the interface should be uncluttered (1),the short term memory will be involved (1), links to pre-existing knowledge (1)


Explain one feature of an HCI that makes it easier to learn how to use.(2)

 consistency of interface designs (1) will enable different screens to be used with minimal learning (1)
 controls placed in the same place on different screens (1) facilitates only needing to learn them once (1)
 icons should not differ greatly from other applications (1) previous experience should be drawn upon (1)
 helpful pop-up messages will enable speedier learning (1) assistance in correcting errors or completing unfamiliar tasks will keep the user focussed on the task (1).

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