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State two purposes for each of the following network components
1. Switch
2. Network interface card
3. Repeater

 connects network devices/a number of ports used to
facilitate connectivity (1)
 stores addresses of each network item (1)
 limits data traffic/controls access to devices (1)
 directs traffic intelligently to destination (1).
Network interface card
 connects device to network (1)
 converts digital signals on the network to correct
format for computer (1)
 MAC address uniquely identifies a computer on a
network (1).
 a device used to link two cable segments (1)
 amplifies/retimes the signals (1)
 extends the distance of a cable run/extends
maximum cable length (1)
 extends the range of the network (1)
 retransmits the signal/passes signal on along cable


State the purpose of a hub in a network

allows devices to communicate/connect with each other in a
LAN (1)


State the purpose of a bridge

connects together two LANs/ segments which use the same protocol (1)


A switch is used to connect devices together.
Give two characteristics of a switch that can be used to control data across the network (2)

Two from: 2 e.g.
 holds a routing table/holds (mac) addresses (1)
 bandwidth can be limited on each port (1)
 priority/quality of service given to applications requiring guaranteed bandwidth
 facilitates a virtual LAN through independent operation of ports


The staff in the branches use computers in different departments, such as valuations, sales, rentals and publicity.
Explain why the computers in each branch should be connected together to create a LAN (4)

 allows hardware resources (eg. printers) to be shared between
computers (1) meaning one high quality one can be purchased (1)
which would save money (1) easier to maintain (1)
 control over the resources (1) security permissions/access logs can
be established to see who is looking/using what data (1)  backup/software updates can be centralised (1) removing
responsibility from end user (1)
 allows hot desking (1) each employee can have access to their data
regardless of which machine they sit at (1).


Identify and describe one item of hardware required to create the LAN in the branches.(3 marks)

One for identify, two for description, eg:
 switch (1) a concentrator for the network (1) allows cables to be
3 Allow wireless networking devices.
plugged into it to redirect traffic (1)
 network Interface Card (NIC) (1) gives computer unique MAC
address (1) allows physical connection via cable to network (1)
 cable (1) physically connects NIC to switch/hub (1) different types
limit the distance the signal can travel (1)

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