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Describe the role of reviews during the life of a check-in system. (6 marks)

 system is compared against requirements specification (1) to
ensure nothing has been omitted from the original set of
requirements (1)
 budget (1) the system needs to remain within the financial
boundaries set for its introduction and continued working (1)  time scale (1) the system’s development and introduction
needs to adhere to specific timings in order to avoid financial
loss (1)
 continued satisfactory performance needs to be ensured (1)
problems can be reported early on(1)
 reviews are scheduled as the needs of the airline changes
(1) external legislation may require the system to change (1)  the airline will be able to identify out-dated parts of the
system (1) as new hardware and software developments
become available (1)
 the mode of operation may change (1) new functions may
need factoring in (1)
 the staff can be consulted (1) fosters ownership by the users (1)


Describe three purposes of reviewing the salons’ on-line appointment system during its lifetime. (6 marks)

 to make sure it still meets its purpose (1) to decide if a new system is required (1)
 to report any bugs/errors that exist (1) so they can be corrected (1)
 To make changes to the system to make it more efficient to
use (1) e.g. adding shortcuts (1)
 to update the system based on external factors (1) e.g.
government legislation/new technologies/new hardware (1)


Identify four factors that should be taken into account when planning a review meeting. (4 marks)

Four from eg:
 date (1)
 time (1)
 location (1)
 agenda (1)
 attendees (1).


Identify three different people who should be involved with in a review.(3 marks)



project manager


Describe the purpose of reviews.(4 marks)

To ensure that a system is doing its job properly, is still running efficiently and is up-to-date.

To provide a forum for users to share any concerns they have about the use of the system and enable plans to be made for maintenance.

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