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Give two disadvantages of parallel installation. (2 marks)

data duplication (1), jobs are done twice (1) / time taken (1), errors have to be located (1), increased personnel costs (1)


Explain why the pilot method of changeover is not suitable for the installation of the MIS. (2 marks)

it is one system, not installed anywhere else (1), it can not be trialled in one area first before fully implemented due to the size of the business (1)


Explain one reason why the phased method of changeover is not suitable for the installation of the replacement stock control system. (2 marks)

stock control system is [likely to be] one system (1) phased needs to have 2 more than system(1)


Identify a situation when direct changeover might be more suitable than parallel changeover and give reasons (3 marks)

If a new website is to be implemented then it’s not possible to have two websites running at the same time because the audience would need to be given a separate address in order to see the old website.

Customers who place orders through the website will only want to enter the details once and would not be happy having to place the order twice using an old system and a new system.


Describe two disadvantages of pilot changeover.(4 marks)

It can take a long time to implement a system because it is only introduced to small groups at a time.

If the old and new systems are not compatible then the pilot group will not be able to share data with the rest of the organisation.

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