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Describe the role of a personnel system in a company.

Describe the role of a personnel system in a company. eg

 holds contact details for each employee (1) times when employees need to be contacted at home or next-of-kin in emergencies (1)
 stores details of attendance (1) planned holidays or absences can be covered/considered (1)
 holds salary details for each employee (1) how much the employee has been paid during their time in the company/pay rises given/deductions required (1)
 to store staff qualifications (1) details of which qualifications staff had before employment/at interview and any gained since (1)
 details staff training (1) courses attended to enable fulfilment of their role/holding of certain positions within the company (1)
 monitors appraisal process (1) details targets set and level of completion by the individual (1)
 to ensure DPA compliance (1) indicates information is due for review/has not been updated (1)
 to store start date of employment, end date and date of birth (1) to notify retirement date and enhancements for number of years service/pay scales past trainee (1)
 details employment checks carried out (1) (CRB and list 99 references) to ensure individuals’ safety and employability (1)
 details contract type (full time, part time) (1) to ensure correct
level of pay (1)


Explain two functions of a stock control system in a company.

One mark for point, one for expansion eg

 maintains minimum stock levels for each product (1) so that the user knows how quickly stock is used and decides upon an appropriate time to re-order (1)
 monitor and adjust re-order amounts for each product (1) depending upon how quickly stock is used(to cope with large orders) (1)
 monitors the sales and stock level of each product (1) to help
the management to plan purchases for the future (1)
 (automatic) reordering (1) to allow a more efficient and
profitable system (1)
 keeps a track of purchase dates of goods (1) to make sure
they are sold within date (1

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