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Give two reasons why the operator of a medical helpline would use a system which relies on rules and probabilities to give advice.

One mark for each reason:
 can use predictions (1)
 can give conclusions (1)
 give evidence for conclusions (1)
 dynamic (1)
 allow example of system working (1


Describe what is meant by a MIS.

Two from the following:

 a system that converts data so that managers can interpret the data in a readily usable form (1)
 organises information within an organisation in such a way that
it can be used to produce useful information to the
management of the organisation (1)
 organises and produces summaries of data in the form of
charts and reports (1)
 creates links between sets of data that are inter-related (1) [2]


Explain two advantages for the Mountain Rescue Teams of using an expert system to forecast the weather.

Two from, two marks each eg:
 can be used by all members (1) available 24/7/not reliant on a
human/expert who understands weather data being present
to give answers (1)
 takes account of different weather information (1) that users
cannot understand (1)
 speeds up the decision making process (1) know whether to
postpone training because of bad weather forecast (1)


Explain two ways management information systems (MIS) can be used to assist decision making
within a company.

One mark for point, one for expansion e.g

 actual expenditure can be summarised against planned expenditure (1) can be used to monitor budgets and cut expenditure if required (1)
 sales trends for different products can be assessed against the time of year (1) production schedules can be planned (1)
 information on demographics can be gathered/ to identify which customers bought which products (1) to create a target advertising campaign (1)
 marketing campaigns can be monitored / analyse sales during that period (1) to see if more tv/radio/newspaper advertising is required (1)


The internet connection into Awburn House Surgery has become intermittent.

Give one reason why the operator of an internet service provider’s fault helpline would use a system which relies on rules and probabilities to give advice.

No need for an expert to staff the helpline (1)

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