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State two methods used for installing a new computer-based information system. (2 marks)

 parallel
 direct
 phased
 pilot.


Describe parallel installation. (2 marks)

both systems run (1) at the same time (1), old system not abandoned (1) until confidence in new system is gained (1), results of processing are compared (1) after a set time period (1)


Describe this method of changeover :pilot (2 marks)

the system is trialled in one area of the organisation before it is fully implemented (1), the results of running the new system are compared with the old system. (1), the old system can still be used in parts of an organisation if a problem is identified with the new system (1)


Phased and pilot are two methods of changeover which could be used when installing the new MIS.
Identify and describe two other methods that can be used during the installation of the new MIS.
For each method give one advantage of its use.

Direct: when the old system stops and the new system starts [with no overlaps] (1)
Advantage: costs less than other methods because staff only have to run one system / cheapest method in terms of staff and time costs (1)
Parallel: the old system and the new system are run side by side for a determined period of time before the old system is stopped
Advantage: the old system can be compared to the new system for accuracy and consistency (1), if problems are found with the new system the organisation can continue to function (1)


Phased is one method of changeover which could be used when installing the replacement stock control system in the business.
(i) Describe this method of changeover. (2 marks)

phased changeover is when parts of a system are introduced one at a time (1) making sure that each subsystem is working before the next one begins/each phase could have a different changeover method (1).

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