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Describe the involvement of the client when a custom-written computer-based system is being produced for them. (6 marks)

involved at all stages of systems life cycle (1) from initial problem definition to final sign off/evaluation/maintenance (1), provides requirements to team/project manager (1) these form the basis for the new system (1), identifies error/inaccuracies/modifications (1) that need to be completed (1) prior to implementation of system (1)


Describe two consequences of the client not being involved during the analysis and design stages (4 marks)

The requirements analysis will not reflect the client’s needs because the analyst is likely to have misinterpreted what the client wanted and the client may not have put across their needs clearly, The design will not reflect the client’s needs because it will be based upon the designer’s understanding with no feedback from the client.


Explain why it is important to involve the client during implementation (development) and testing (4 marks)

The client should be shown the development at various stages throughout the development. In particular they should be shown the interface. The client can then give feedback which will enable the programmers to make changes to reflect the client’s needs.
The client should be involved in Alpha testing by being provided with a test plan and being asked to run tests and confirm that the software meets their needs.

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