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Explain three limitations, for a candidate, of using a computer to answer examination questions.

One mark for point, one for expansion eg:
 it may take longer to input answers (1) leaving less time to
answer all the questions (1)
 diagrams may not be as intricate (1) you need knowledge of
how to create diagrams on screen (1)
 need to be able to type accurately (1) to ensure answers can
be marked (1)
 technical equipment may fail/not work correctly (1) meaning
candidate (1)
 issues related to health and safety eg length of time sat at a monitor (1) over a period from of an examination e.g RSI (1)


The management of the airline needs to update the check-in system to deal with passengers more efficiently. They have employed a consultancy firm to investigate the current system and design the updates.
Explain why the check-in system is networked. (4)

Explain why the check-in system is networked.

Any four from:
 reduces the need for data duplication (1) so the
integrity of the data increases (1)
 different users can have access to the same
information (1) data can be exchanged (1)
 changes in seating allocation/special requirements
can be communicated immediately (1) aids communication flow from check-in to embarkation (1)
 peripherals can be shared (1) output can be directed to a specific location/individual (1)
 shared processing activity (1) ensures efficiency within the system (1)


The computer based training system accepts speech as a method of input.

Explain two problems the managers could have when using speech as a method of input.

One mark for point, one for expansion eg:
 accents/may not understand (1) the training system may not
discern between different pronunciations of words (1)
 interference (1) background noise could affect the accuracy
of input to the system (1)
 audibility (1) the manager would have to ensure they spoke
loud enough for their instructions to be recognised (1)
 speed of input (1) the need for faster input using speech may
be at the expense of accuracy (1)


Advances in technology have enabled more employees to work from home.
Explain three limitations on employees being able to work from home.

Three from, e.g.

 self-discipline needed to avoid being distracted at home (1) other jobs/activities take priority (1)
 job credibility/others may not appreciate that working from home is a real job (1) demands upon time increase due to presence at home (1)
 feeling of isolation (1) may miss the camaraderie of the office (1)
 household bills may go up (1) heat, light, power etc needed for longer time (1)
 less commitment/motivation (1) lack of interaction/face-to-face dialogue with
colleagues can result in a lack of direction and de-motivation (1)
 need appropriate technology, e.g. broadband/hardware/software (1) which
attracts costs (1)
 quality/availability of technical support (1) may not be able to get support when
needed for hardware at home/for software at home (1).

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