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Define the term bandwidth

 a measurement of the volume of data (1) per
second (1)
 rate of transmission (1) in bps (1)
 the difference between the maximum and minimum
frequency of signal (1) that a communications
channel can carry (1)
 measure of the capacity (1) of a
network/communications channel (1)
 maximum amount of data (1) in a given time (1)


Describe how different communication media affect the bandwidth available when transferring files.

 different media have different bandwidths (1) and
therefore different data carrying capabilities (1)
 capacity of the medium (1) affected by factors such
as signal strength and noise (1)
 the more data that can travel across the bandwidth
the higher the risk of collision and error (1) requiring
retransmission and increased network traffic (1)  the higher the data rate of a particular medium
results in more data transmission (1) in a given time (1) freeing bandwidth for subsequent transmission (1)


Cable, infrared and wireless are examples of types of communication media.
Rank cable, infrared and wireless, in terms of bandwidth, from lowest to highest




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