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Explain two factors that should be taken into account when upgrading the software. (4 marks)

the expertise of the staff (1) because they might need training to use the software (1)
the long term benefits (1) need to outweigh the inconvenience of installation (1)
the current system needs to be considered (1) for compatibility with the new software (1)
timing of upgrade (1) to cause least disruption / volume of workload (1)


Describe the purpose of a feasibility study.(2 marks)

A feasibility study compares the costs and benefits of installing a new system so that a decision can be made whether or not to install the system.


Explain how a financial cost-benefit analysis can help decide whether to upgrade to a new system or not.(4 marks)

The financial costs and benefits need to be compared. A new system must bring about cost savings such as reduced staffing costs, improved productivity or cheaper annual licences. There will also be costs associated with installing a new system including the development cost of the software (or purchase cost), training costs and any new hardware that needs to be installed. If the benefits outweigh the costs then the new system is financially feasible and coupled with other factors such as personnel and technology, a decision can be made as to whether the overall benefits outweigh the costs.


Describe two factors that should be considered when deciding if a proposed system is technologically feasible.(4 marks)

It needs to be established if the technology, either software, hardware or both, exist in order to solve the problem the system is intended for.
The new system must be compatible with any existing software and hardware and if it is not then costs need to be identified for any upgrades to software and hardware.

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