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A member of the team, who lives in a remote location, has been offered a broadband internet connection.
Compare ADSL to a satellite connection for accessing the internet (3 marks)

2 full comparisons for marks
 ADSL requires the user needs to be within a certain distance from a compatible local exchange whereas a satellite connection can be used in remote areas where physical and wireless connections are not available
connection type
 ADSL is uses copper cable to connect whereas a satellite connection relies upon microwaves
 ADSL offers sufficient bandwidth (Mb/s) to allow more data to be sent at the same time meaning large volumes of data can be handled at once whereas a satellite connection has a much lower bandwidth (Kb/s) meaning lower volumes of data can be sent at any one time
 ADSL can handle simultaneous data and audio streaming whereas a satellite connection would mean multimedia files suffer delays and stoppages during their presentation on screen
 both ADSL and satellite are asymmetric meaning downstream has a much higher bandwidth than upstream


The head office is investigating how to link the branches together.
(i) Explain two disadvantages to the estate agency of using a satellite broadband
connection to link the branches together. (4 marks)

Two from eg:
 a connection requires satellite dish (1) may be planning applications
preventing its use (1)
 dish requires line of site to the satellite (1) in a built up town this may
be difficult to achieve (1)
 satellite signal affected by bad weather (1) staff will lose the signal in
snow/rain/wind preventing work (1).


The head office is investigating how to link the branches together. Recommend a suitable type of broadband connection and explain two reasons for your
choice (5 marks)

One for identification, two from for explanation:  leased line (1)
– increased security between branches (1) allows transmission
of personal data (1)
– high bandwidth (1) large files can be transferred with no loss
of capacity for other users (1)
– symmetrical upload and download (1) does not matter at
which branch, same data transfer speeds (1)
– Reliability of line/3rd party support/installation of cabling (1) fast
 ADSL (1)
support contracts ensuring minimum downtime (1)
– Can use telephone and internet at same time (1) no
interference in signal (1)
– large choice of service provider (1) can go for best
 Satellite (1)
 Cable (1)
bandwidth/cost/support (1).
- One of the offices may be in remote location / no other option
available (1) satellite can be deployed anywhere (1)
- Only dial-up may be available in area (1) so satellite can offer
greater bandwidth (1)

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