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Compare an intranet to an extranet

 an intranet provides an organisation with services
that are only available to authorised users whereas an extranet allows public access to part, or all, of a company’s intranet services via the Internet (1)
 an organisation’s intranet does not have to provide Internet access whereas an extranet is accessed using the Internet (1)
 an intranet requires usernames and id’s similarly an extranet is only available to approved parties (1)
 an intranet is a secure private computer network using an organisation’s communications infrastructure whereas an extranet uses public telecommunication systems to securely share part of an organization's information (1)


Describe two characteristics of an intranet

One for identify, second for description
 provides the same services as the internet (1) availability limited to within an organisation / within the physical network infrastructure of the organisation (1)
 requires username and password to gain access (1) only used by authorised people from within the organisation (1)
 closed/private network/no outside access (1) only those computers that are part of the company’s LAN can gain access (1)
 uses the TCP / IP protocol (1) and html used to display web pages (1)

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