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Explain the need for adaptive, perfective and corrective maintenance of systems. (6 marks)

 adaptive maintenance will be needed if changes in working practices are identified (1) or the needs of the organisation change (1) or the organisation expands (1)
 perfective maintenance makes the system work better (1) if new technology shows that the performance of the system could be improved (1) improving for example the speed of searches (1)
 corrective maintenance used when the system is not functioning properly (1) fixes bugs in the system (1)


Staff within a school use a Management Information System (MIS) to track pupil progress, write reports and monitor behaviour.
Explain when adaptive and perfective maintenance would be needed on this MIS. (4 marks)

adaptive maintenance
 when a new need is identified (1) such as mail merging letters to parents/a new MIS does not have to be purchased by the school (1)
 changes in working practices (1) such as changes to lesson length/times (1)
 changes in working external factors (1) such as government directives (1)
perfective maintenance
 introduction of new technology (1) such as touch screens (1)
 following requests from users (1) such as parent access to

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