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Explain why a check-in system will have to use real-time processing. (4 marks)

 the data is processed at the time required (1)
 response time by the system is critical (1)
 delays in processing would prove unacceptable, resulting in long queues (1)
 large numbers of passengers have to go through check-in within a given time slot (1)
 real-time processing will allow several employee transactions to take place simultaneously (1)
 a real-time system will respond immediately to the data entered by the employee (1).


Describe batch processing. (2 marks)

data is collected together over a period of time (1), data is processed as a batch when there is less demand on the processor (1), minimum user interaction required (1).


Describe how interactive processing could be used to prevent the double booking of theatre seats. (2 marks)

Seat requested is locked (whilst order is processed) (1) booking is completed or the seat is released (1)


Give four reasons why batch processing is used to process employees’ salaries. (4 marks)

batch processing allows for the information to be prepared before processing (1), batch processing does not need human intervention (1), batch processing can be scheduled at the same time every month (1), same process is applied every month/every time it is run (1)


Explain why a business uses batch processing to create invoices. (4 marks)

invoices can be prepared at the end of a day (1) when the computer and printer are not being used by other processes (1), customers’ invoices can be calculated and printed without staff intervention (1) this increases the efficiency of the network (1)

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