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what did Bagdikian (2014) say about media?

owned by a smaller and smaller number of power elite who deliberately influence content to support right wing conservative views


who is Murdoch and how has he influenced the content of his media?

owns large amount of media
uses it to promote his political views - conservative support, vote leave


in 1983 90% of US media was owned by how many companies?

50 companies


in 2011 the same 90% of US media was owned by how many companies?

6 companies


what did Cornford and Robbins say new media was? (1999)

old media in a faster package


what do Cornford and Robbins argue media convergence gives capitalists?

a bigger platform to promote products, make profits, ideologically control the masses, accept capitalism, not question inequality


from a Marxist view what do media owners want?

us to buy their products, accept ideology and inequality without questioning


how does the media influence what we think?

uses bias
one sided stories
presents views as facts


why do Marxists view concentration of ownership as a bad thing?

gives minority control over the masses and the power to promote ruling class ideology


what is ruling class ideology?

set of ideas justifying the higher class way of life and inequality


give examples of how new media is just old media in a faster package (cornford & robbins)

tv - on demand
newspaper - news sites and apps
radio - internet radio


how can Marxists be criticised? (what does social media allow us to do?)

people have freedom to respond and share their views
previously the content was created by those with ownership but now we create the content


what did Edward Snowden do?

revealed the widespread surveillance carried out by British and US governments accessing personal files claiming it was in the interest of national security


what do Marxists believe globalisation is resulting in the spread of?

western capitalist ideas


how can Marxists be criticised - what has globalisation resulted in class becoming?

just one part of identity
other factors shape our identity


what do Marxists believe new forms of communication reflect the ideas of?

the owners of the media and companies who represent the ruling class


how can Marxists be criticised - what do new forms of digital communication allow people to do to the ruling class?

challenge them through more interactive participation in public issues and the news


Marxists believe new forms of communication encourage passive acceptance of what?



how can Marxists be criticised - how are we not passive acceptants?

digital forms of communication have led to social protest - challenging inequality


what did Garside say about the amount of time adults spend on media?

adults spend an excessive amount of time on digital media - 8 hours and 41 minutes a day
this keeps us entertained and stops us thinking about the world

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