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for those with an impairment they find it most often what?

the most significant aspect of their identity


despite developments like the Paralympics and disability discrimination act, what still remains?

a lot of discrimination and social and physical barriers for those with disabilities


the social model of disability argues disability is what?

socially constructed


(social model of disability) e.g. an inability to walk becomes a disability because of what?

society is organised for those who can walk, those who cant find it difficult to access public transport and lead independent lives


(social model of disability) how does the media link to the creation of "disability"?

absence of positive disabled role models
charities represent the disabled as helpless and dependant


the social model of disability is critical of what other model?

the medical model


how does the medical model see disability?

as a medical issue leading to defining a person by their disability e.g. "disabled person" rather than "person with a disability"


who is Shakespeare?

a sociologist with a disability


what does Shakespeare argue there are to forming a positive disabled identity?

major obstacles


(Shakespeare) disabled people often see themselves as what?

inferior - society sees those with disabilities as deformed, disabled and abnormal


(Shakespeare) disabled people are often isolated from one another which makes what difficult?

forming a collective identity


(Shakespeare) what is there a lack of for disabled people?

positive public role models with disabilities


(Shakespeare) how do others react to disabled people and what is this encouraged by?

with pity and avoidance
encouraged by charity advertising


why have interactionist sociologists in particular studied disability?

because disability affects social interaction


the reaction of other people to a person with a disability may have a dramatic effect on what?

the disabled individuals personal status and identity becoming a self fulfilling prophecy


interactionists argue disability is a master status, what is a master status?

a status which overrides all others


what do interactionists argue regarding disability being a master status?

on meeting a person with a disability the disability is the master status, the first thing you see and the most important in influencing interaction


Goffman argues disability as a master status can result in strained interaction, what does this mean?

the disability isn't mentioned but is uppermost in everyone else's mind


(Goffman) strained interaction will emphasise the persons disability and may do what?

impact negatively upon their identity


Goffman argues disability may lead to a....

spoiled identity


some disabled people have resisted and campaigned for what?

changing attitudes and facilities


disability rights campaigners may create what around disability?

a positive image


the disability rights movement has been set up to promote what?

a prouder image of disability


role models will provide positive images impacting upon what?

the way disabled people are seen in society and their identity


Muragami says a disabled person is able to do what regarding their identity and disability?

construct a self identity that accepts their impairment but is independent of it


(Muragami) when a person construct a self identity independent of their impairment, what do they see themselves as?

a person first with disability being just one of their characteristics

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