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AUC 274
What is a satellite unit made up of?

A satellite apparatus and it's companion 2000 gpm pumper Engine Co. or it's designated back-u[p Engine


AUC 274
What is a satellite apparatus?

A large hosewagon type apparatus with a mounted Intelligiant Deluge Gun


AUC 274
What does the satellite officer do?

He is the officer of the first arriving Satellite Unit will become the Water Resource officer and will coordinate the activities of all satellites at the operation. Primary concern is water delivery


AUC 274
What size hose and inlets does the satellite apparatus have?

5" hose and two 31/2 gated female inlet and one 4 1/2 unchecked female on each side of apparatus.
P.S. Use 4 1/2 unchecked inlet first to permit use of gated inlets w/out having to shut down.


AUC 274
Who does the officer ride with on a response ?

Pumper. Each apparatus shall be staffed by two ff


AUC 274
The Water Resource Officer shall establish ht communications with IC, which way would be his priority to do this?

Through Field Comm Unit if their on scene.


AUC 274
Whom do additional Satellite Units report into?

The Water Resource Officer and/or the IC.


AUC 274
Should Satellite Units be supplied by Fireboats? How about through drafting?

Yes, Fireboats should when compatible with conditions, they relieve demand on hydrant system. Drafting should be used only if fireboats not available, its time consuming


AUC 274
T or F. The best position for the Satellite Apparatus is as close as possible to buildings so that you can use deluge guns.

False. Position as far away as possible so better angle achieved for upper floors. Best position is far enough for the deepest possible stream penetration.


AUC 274
The Satellite Manifold. Describe it.

Has a 4 1/2 inlet supplied by 5" hose with 4 2 1/2" gated inlets, 2 3" inlets, and a Ross Relief Valve. Can be wheeled by one or carried by 2.


AUC 274
How far reach does the Satelitte Deluge Guns and TL monitors have when supplied by the Satellite Water Systems Foam Injection Metering Module?

Satellite - 250ft
TL - 300ft
Read AUC 274 5.7


AUC 274
When hydrant size is less than ______ it is recommended that a second hydrant or another pumper augment water supply.



AUC 274
What are good nozzle pressures for Satellite Deluge Guns?

125psi for 2" and 2 1/2" tips.
100psi for 3" and 3 1/2tips


AUC 274 Note
One member always assigned to make sure gun clears doorframe when leaving quarters



AUC 274
Satellite deluge guns can only be ordered into operation by who?



AUC 274
What type of hydrants are designed by DEP for Satellites?

Twin hydrant hookup on large mains where both are painted red and are either two high pressure hydrants or special hydrants with two 4 1/2" outlets.

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