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What should an officer do if he feels a ladder cannot be temporarily secured to the spare apparatus in a safe manner ?

Leave it off and make an entry in the company journal (6.1.2 C)


How far from the end of the ladder should unit designation be?

Within18 inches (7.1)


What is the climbing angle for the portable ladder?

65 - 75degrees, (8.4)


Where is ladder placed at window

Level with the sill


Where is ladder placed at roof

At least 2ft above


Where is the ladder placed along fireescape

1 to 3ft above railing


Where is ladder placed against fireescape

Slightly above the railing


If a portable ladder is left unattended, who secures it at tip?

The first member that climbs it so it will not be dislodged or knocked over by outside streams.(8.6.3)


When performing the leg lock, what rung is the locking leg placed over?

Two rungs above the one member is standing on (9.2.1 B)


T or F. If in good condition, ladder lock assemblies on extension ladders will work and lock in either the fly up or fly down position.

True (9.2.1 B) Note- FDNY uses the fly up position


What are the portable ladder capacities for collapsible, roof or straight or extension 26' or less, and extension 27' - 35'?

Collapsible - 300lbs
26' or less - 500lbs
27' - 35' - 600lbs


T or F. Portable ladders placed on one beam, elevated to knee level on supports and properly secured, can act as barrier to civilian pedestrian traffic near a hazardous condition or fire operation.

False. " Elevated to waist level" (10.2.3 B)


When fire escapes are overcrowded at a fire where should portable ladder be raised?

To the first balcony at a point opposite the drop ladder (11.2.1 B)


What portable ladder may be used on party wall balconies for access for search and rescue?

12' hook ladder (11.2.1 c 2.B)


When placing ladder at front of brownstone to gain access to room over stoop, where should you consider placing ladder? At OLT, When fire is in a cellar, 1st floor, or 2nd floor in an old law tenement where should portable ladders be raised?

At adjoining window to gain entrance. May be a door to that room from a large room (11.2.2 C2A)
At an OLT, adjacent to and above the fire area even if the aerial ladder will be required on the upper floors.


True or False.Generally, in the rear of a brownstone, the 35' extension ladder can reach the fourth floor.

True (11.2.2 D 2.d) **Also know that the book says portables transported to the rear of the building are safer than using LSR. In most cases take ladder through parlor floor of adjoining brownstone and pass it out rear window. This is quicker than going through fire floor.


When venting windows with lexan panels using portable ladders, where do we place them?

In the corner adjacent to the window frame. (11.3.1 B 2)


When venting a window from a portable ladder where should it be placed?

Upwind and level with or higher than window (11.3.2 A 2)


When member is venting window from portable ladder how should he do it?

He should extend his arm upward and slant tool downward and strike the glass. (11.3.2 A 5)


T or F. Extension ladders must be used only in the extended position when bridging.

False. "In the nested position" (11.3.7)


Can portable ladders be used to shore excavations, or reinforce weakened walls?

Yes (12.3)


What is the highest rung that a member can climb on ?

3rd rung (13.1.9)


How often should ladders be inspected?

Weekly and after every use (14.2.3)


How often should they be waxed with plain candle wax or paraffin?

Every 3 months (14.3.1)


How often should the pulleys be oiled?

1 to 2 drops a year (14.3.2)


What is a "folding ladder"?

A ladder designed to for use in inaccessible areas where ordinary ladders will not fit.; the rungs fold completely into the beam sections.


What is a "safety shoe"?

A swivel type butt plate consisting of rubber tread and a spike. It may be used with either the rubber or the spiked end on the ground.


Lad 1. How far apart the rungs on PLs?



Lad 1. What side should be used on PLs with a swiveling device when ladder is to be raised and used on hard surfaces?

The rubber pads.


Lad 1 What does discoloration on an aluminum ladder indicate?

A loss of structural strength. Tech Services shall be notified. **** note that it doesn't say take it out of service.****


Lad 1. How should a member butt a ladder?

With their left foot in the center of the bottom rung and maintaining a downward pressure.


Lad 1 Where are your hands placed when climbing a portable ladder? What if you have a tool in your hand?

Grasp the underside of the beams. If a tool is carried it should be balanced in the carrying hand , which holds onto the side of the beam. ***Note- Don not carry tool close to body or inside of ladder over rungs because it could drop on the butt man.


Lad 1 How do we climb portables in the freezing weather?

Under the arch of the boot, next to the heel and position feet on rungs next to beams with each step.


Lad 1 T or F. In an emergency, portable ladder can be used to shore excavations or reinforce weakened walls.



T or F. Always raise the fly ladder above the desired level and lower it in order to insure a safe 65 - 75 degree climbing angle and also the proper locking action of the assemblies.

False. Always LOWER the fly ladder BELOW the desired level and RERAISE it in order to insure a safe 65-75 degree angle and also the proper locking action of the assemblies.

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