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High Pressure Engines have what type of discharge outlet and can pump discharge pressures over ____ and up to _____.

A special high pressure discharge elbow and over 250 and up to 600 psi.


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3rd Stage Engines can supply of a maximum of ____gpm and up to ____psi.

500 gpm and up to 700psi


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What type of size of hose do high pressure engines and 3rd Stage Engines for supply?

3". (NOT 3 1/2")!


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How many high pressure outlets are on a HP Engine? What about 3rd Stage?

HP = 1
3rd Stage = 2


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Should units pre -attach the tether straps to high-pressure supply hose and store together as a unit or leave them separate until High Pressure Operations commence?

It is recommended they be pre-attached


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High Pressure pumping is defined as operating at discharge pressures over ?

250 psi


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All engines, including conventional engines are capable of providing pressures over 250psi. When should they do so?

Unless emergency conditions exist and they are ordered to do so by the IC, conventional engines should not operate with pressures exceeding 250psi. PS. They have to use utility ropes to secure the hose.


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In a Hi-Rise, what floors begin high pressure pumping? What about 3rd stage preferred? What about third stage required?

Floors 31-40 (300 psi) = HP
Floors 81-90 (550 psi) = 3rd Stage Preferred
Floors 101-110 (650 psi) = 3rd Stage Required


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HP and 3rd Stage pumpers have different fittings for high pressure pumping. Describe them.

Painted white and noticeably heavier


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PRIOR to initiating HP pumping,safety zones must be maintained of at least ___ ft around an engine INCLUDING the HP supply hose.



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Two ECCs must be used when an engine is doing HP pumping. What are they each doing?

1 monitors radio
1 operates the pump


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T or F. The tether strap shall be secured to both the engine and the building fire department connection.



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Engines ordered to pump in HP that don't have tether straps should secure the supply line to the bldg. and the apparatus with what?

Utility rope.


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Who is designated as the High - Pressure Group Supervisor?

A BN Chief


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Should preset pressures on apparatus with pressure governors be used when charging the standpipe in HP pumping?



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What must be done when more than one engine supplies the standpipe system?

ECCs shall communicate and ensure they operate at the same discharge pressure.


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When other than first due to a fire in a hi-rise bldg., officers of HP pumpers and 3rd stage engines shall direct their ECCs to position their apparatus where?

At a hydrant in proximity to the standpipe Siamese connection.


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The standpipe system should be supplied by two engines. When only one standpipe Siamese is available, where shall the second supply line be stretched?

To the first floor outlet. Do not connect two HP supply lines to a single bldg. Siamese connection


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ECCs intending to pump using the 3rd stage must notify and get approval from the IC. What rank must the IC be?

BN chief or higher


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At operations requiring discharge pressures OVER 500 psi, what Engines are preferred?

3rd Stage Engines. They can pump higher volumes at higher pressures at lower RPMS

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