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Gas. Is gas lighter than air? What is its explosive range?

Yes. Its explosive range is 5 - 15% and it is non-toxic.


Gas. What is added to it to give it an odor?



Gas. What is it's ignition temp?

1163 degrees


Gas. High and medium pressure gas is regulated down to _______ psi before it passes through the customer's meter.

1/4 psi. **Exception - A few commercial customers receive gas at 1 to 3psi.


Gas. What is the peck vent?

It is found on high pressure services. If the regulator fails, this safety valve vents excess gas to the exterior of the building.


Gas. What is the priority order of valve shutdown and how many turns?

1. Appliance valve - 1/4 turn
2. Meter valve or master meter - 1/4 turn
3. Head of Service ( just inside building) - 1/4 turn
** Some older valves will require 4 1/2 to 5 turns in a clockwise direction.
4. Exterior Gas Riser - 1/4 turn
5. Curb valve - 1/4 turn, older ones may not meet resistance until between 7 1/2 - 15 turns. Do not turn valve more than 15 turns.
6. Street valve - Utility shuts off ***Only under extreme circumstances do we shut it off under direction of IC after consultation with utilities


Gas. Note Plastic pipe is not allowed to be used as a gas pipe inside a structure.



Gas. What is the size of the cover for the curb valve? What does a white valve mean in it and what do you do?

4 x 4 square. A white valve is a plastic valve and you should close it gently


Gas. T or F. FFs can fold a leaking plastic gas pipe.



T or F. Flashlights and TICs are intrinsically safe.

False. TICs are not intinsicaly safe and only FDNY flashlights are intrinsically safe. **Neither are FD fans**


Gas. What should you do while waiting for the gas supply to be shut off at a burning gas fire?

Wet down combustible material near the burning gas.


If you notice window or wall mounted gas heating units at a fire, what should you do?

Notify IC and their gas supply must be shut down.


Gas. Where do we start to ventilate in a bldg if it is safe to do so?

The upper levels


If power to a bldg with gas found in it must be cut, how do we do it?

DO NOT pull the electric meter or open a circuit breaker. Have it cut by the utility company at a pole or a manhole.


Gas. If you are approaching an alarm location in the rig and a strong odor of gas is detected, what should you do?

STOP the apparatus ( it is a source of ignition) and take a reading with a digital combustible indicator.


Gas. When can FFs remove a sewer manhole? An electric manhole

Sewer - Can be removed with the approval of a an on the scene chief officer.
Electric - Only when requested by a utility gas rep on the scene and approved by a chief officer.
***You cannot remove SQUARE manhole covers****
*******In order to remove any manhole covers you need to obtain two manhole hooks which are found in the BN vehicle.*******


What notifications must be made when a gas valve is shut?

Officer, IC, and utility company


Gas. Who is the MSA Altair Digital Gas Meter issued to?

All non - soc support companys


Gas. What sign will the Altair gas meter give the user that it is operating?

The meter will emit a vibrating pulse and flashing green LED light every 30 seconds to alert user the meter is operating. Note - The self check and warm up function takes 40 seconds.


Gas. How do you zero out the Altair gas meter?

1. Get to fresh air
2. Press and hold reset button for 3 seconds (reset button is to right of power button, power button is in center)
3. Press the power button to accept the reset.


Gas. When will the Altair meter activate?

When the atmosphere reaches 10% of the LEL of gas ( explosive range of gas is 5-15%). This would be 10% of that 5%, or .5% of gas in air.


Gas True or False. It is normal to have a slight odor of gas at the peck vent.

False. there should be no odor, if there is, you must investigate.


Gas. What are the indoor and outdoor action levels?

Indoors - 10%LEL
Outdoors - 20% LEL
As these levels are approached ventilation should start. Also - notify dispatcher of conditions
- have utility co respond and request ETA
- Consider precautionary hose placement


Gas. What does a series of 3 crosses underneath the COMB/EX icon on the Altair meter indicate?

100% above the LEL for gas. this is an explosive environment and members shouldn't operate except for life saving purposes.


Gas. The normal O2 reading on the Altair is 20.8. What are the low level and high alarm levels set at for O2 on it?

19.5% and 23.0% (Normal O2 in atmosphere is 19.5% - 23.5% Don't get these numbers confused.)


Gas. What should be done immediately upon activation of the O2 sensor?

Notify IC
Notify dispatch
Have utility Co. respond and request


Gas. What does a series 3 crosses across the screen under the O2 icon indicate on the Altair meter?

That the atmosphere is above 25% O2.

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