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What is a stuck elevator with no immediate danger and no evidence of injury called?

An incident. 2.4.1
Note: if evidence of injury officer must request medical assistance.


An elevator emergency is a situation where a fire is endanger passengers in a stuck elevator, a passenger in stuck elevator is injured, or a passenger of stuck elevator is -------.

In panic. 2.4.2. Em1


What I the most common cause of elevator malfunction?

Electrical problems 3.1.1


What are the 3 ways to locate a stuck elevator car?

1. Lobby control panel
2. Use intercom or phone to talk to passenger
3. Open hoist way door at first floor and look up shaft


If primary removal procedures fail you must call the elevator mechanic. Where is this mechanics #
required to be posted?

Elevator machinery room near power switch


What are the 2 forms of primary removal?

1. Checking electrical contacts- have passenger close door, have members close all hoist way doors and press lobby recall
2. Fireman service


When removing power to an elevator, 2 members must go to elevator machinery room with what tools?

Ht's and fe tools

Note: members must remain in elev room for remainder of operation to ensure power remains off.


What is the ventilation opening in the elev machinery room is also called?

The smoke hole 3.5.1

Note: members should avoid stepping on the grating for the vent opening bc it may be unsafe and they could possibly fall the entire length of shaft.


When passengers are stuck between floors what is the preferred procedure of removal?

Up and out to avoid falling into open shaft.



When performing a side exit removal. What do we use to bridge the sides of the cars.

6 ft or longer planks. 3.7


Side exit removal one member enters passenger car and decides removal order. What must he do before allowing passengers to exit stuck elevator?

He must secure them with a lsr. 3.7


What is the preferred method of forcible entry for slide type doors?

Maxi force airbag. It is less likely to push it off its hangers or off its track 3.7.3


When using an airbag to open an elevator door, where do u place it?

As high as possible to apply a more direct force on the linkage and locking mechanism 3.7.3

Note: when using the rabbit tool you also place it as high as possible.


You can walk into an elevator Pitt without turning off power in an extreme emergency. T or f?

T. If the following precautions are made
1. Open hoist way door on shaft that is being entered.
2. Use caution around mechanical and electrical components
3. Turn off powere ASAP. 4.2.2


What color is the lobby keyed switch cylinder?

2 position key- firman service, normal
3 position key - normal, fireman service and door open


Elevators which plans were filed after 1980. During phase when the elevators reach the terminal floor they will open. Will they remain open or will they close after 8 seconds and remain closed?

They will remain open

Plans after 1980. The car lights remain on in fireman service elevators, the rest are off.


During phase 2 when you enter the elevator and you Start to move to your destination, what must u do?

Press call cancel. If the car stops at next available floor then it is working. If it doesn't then you should press next available safe floor and exit the elevator. Notify the officer in command that the car is oos.
If the car doesn't stop then u should attempt fe thus interrupting the interlock relay switch, notify officer in command and initiate emergency evacuation procedures.


When a fire is on the 8th floor can you use the elevators?

Yes. Eight is great.


How many members are allowed to be in an elevator at one time?

6. 6.1.8

Note: while performing emergency removal only 2 ff's are allowed to be on top of an elevator at one time.


Do not use an elevator in a bank that services the fire floor if what?

If a lower bank of elevators reaches within 5 floors of the fire floor. 6.1.3

Select a floor atleast 2 floors below fire floor


Precautionary stops must be made every____ floors to confirm the elevator will respond to the floor selected.

5 floors


The lobby keyed switch is required to be within how many feet from the lobby call button?

4 feet


Note: 2642 is a 1620 for elevator Mechanix. It may be used as a dummy answer to confuse u.


Only if it's in danger of falling should a ff go onto an unoccupied suspended scaffold. T or f.

F. Never.



How should we attach an lsr to a worker on a suspended scaffold?

Have him snap into his harness w/ lsr snap hook.


If the hoist motor is overheated. How long should we wait to try to move it again.

15 minutes to allow to cool down. 5.4


Who is trained in high angle rescue and has equipment?

All rescues, squad 41 + squad 1



Where should an officer tell his chauffer to park rig when he pulls up to a suspended scaffold?

To keep the rig clear of danger area and parked in a safe location. The area shall be tapped off -this marks the danger area for civilians and entry into bldg should be made from an entry away from the danger area.

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