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Fire has extended from a manhole, conduit, or transformer into a building.
*Utility Co response



Fire or smoke from a transformer at any location
*Utility Co response


AUC 180
What effect do downed overhead primary and secondary wires have on underground gas piping?

They can damage them. All gas piping (plastic ,steel, cast iron and copper) can be damaged by burning, arching, or smoldering electric cables.


AUC 180
What actions must be taken at manhole fires and emergencies?

Area must be taped off.
Inspect electrical services in nearby buildings
Members shall NOT attempt to move vehicles in danger area.
Precautionary hoselines stretched as necessary.


T or F. Units should not operate hoselines into manholes unless requested by a Con Ed employee at scene.

If requested to, do not direct stream directly into manhole, let water flow or pour into manhole. Use fog nozzle.


AUC 180
If expected arrival time of Con Ed is more than 30 minutes, the officer in charge may order one of the following:

1) Unit remaining on scene may respond to alarms, one member left at scene
2) One member left at scene and unit shall return to quarters. Company officers shall provide relief for members.
3) When member is left at scene, company officer shall at frequent intervals contact dispatch for notification of utility company
4) Manhole shall be protected by tape, all units placed in service


AUC 180
Whose responsibility is it to remove manhole covers at manhole fires?

Utility crews


AUC 180
What must be taken into consideration when deciding the size and location of the "Area of Danger"?

Traffic Control Boxes. Smoke and gas can travel up hollow poles and be ignited by spark


AUC 180
What is the size of a typical transformer vault?

12 x 4


Transformers convert primary voltage ______ to secondary voltage______, both can be fatal if not handled properly.

27000volts, 120 volts


Allransformers contain dielectric oil which acts as a coolant in amounts ranging from?

200 to 600 gallons


AUC 180.
What is the greatest hazard in transformer vaults?

the amount of electricity


AUC 180
Teams of how many member should examine exposures? What shuld they be equipped with?

PPC, SCBA, HT, CO meter


AUC 180
Where should CO meter readings be taken in exposures?

Meter room, surrounding rooms, and on first floor.


AUC 180
Note - Members shall not enter transformer vaults until Con Ed says it is safe to do so, if necessary


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