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T or F. All supports have a direct frame attachment to bypass the apparatus suspension and provide a rigid operating base.

True (2.1.1)


To eliminate any possibility of stabilizer support collapse brought about by loss of fluid from a cylinder, a mechanical lock is also provided at each jack and outrigger. What must be done to lock them?

Insert pins. (2.1.3)


If the apparatus is not level, which side should be lowered first?

The low side.(2.1.4)


T or F. The guide firefighter is to remain in position until the outrigger is fully lowered on the operator's blind side.

True. (2.1.5)


What can be used to judge that an outrigger will clear all obstructions?

6ft hook


Who must personally verify the placement of all outriggers and jacks prior to raising the boom from the bedded position?

Any member operating the tower ladder (2.1.9)


What must be done if a member starts to set up a tower ladder for operation and then decides to abort the operation?

Properly place all outriggers and jacks up for operation OR return all outriggers and jacks to the pre-setup position. (2.1.10)


What is the floor area of the TL basket



When is the use of the platform control switch (deadman control) necessary?

Whenever a member or civilian enter or leave an elevated basket. (2.4.5)


If one of the 3 manually operated isolation valves for the hydraulic circuits (raise-lower, etc.) should malfunction for any reason, what can be done?

The isolation valve can be closed leaving the other systems operable. (


What two ways can a member escape from the basket?

Fixed telescoping ladder mounted on the boom sections or by LSR in conjunction with personal harness. (2.61.)


Boom rotation permits water coverage of ?

360 degrees


What are the inlets for water on a TL?

3" x 3" gated Siamese on the left side and a 4 1/2 inlet on the right side.


Whom should perform delicate operations, if visibility permits, the pedestal man or the basket man?

The pedestal man. (2.8.4)


When should the ht be utilized in basket operations?

1) When basket man operating alone for venting
2) Search purposes as a means of cooderinating operations with interior forces
3) As a means of communication should he leave basket for any reason, such as search or rescue


When should the intercom be tested?

Daily check of apparatus and at intial stages of placing TL into operation


What are the four ways a member can be secured to operate in the basket?

1) wearing the installed safety belt
2) wearing life belt
3)Personal harness secured to substantial part of basket
4) Loop formed in LSR, 1ft in diameter, around a substantial part of the basket using a bowline, then hooking life belt or personal harness onto this loop.


At what angle should the front end of the apparatus be parked at to increase the scrub area?

15 degrees


When may it be more advantageous to park perpendicular to the building?

Where the stability of the ground is doubtful, such as vacant lots or unpaved areas. (3.1.6)


When should the TL turntable be placed in line with an alley?

At one or two family private dwellings or any structure with an alleyway between the fire building and an exposure. (3.1.8)


If members leave basket for search or roof operations, the LCC at the pedestal should not move boom unless________?

Members are advised of his intention and they in turn give approval, or a visible life hazard should occur. (3.1.11 J)


A properly positioned TL provides wall coverage from grade level or below, up to a maximum basket floor elevation of ____ at the maximum ____degree angle?

70' , 75' (3.2.1)


A basket while touching a point 32 feet horizontally from center of turntable can reach a basket floor elevation of?

65' (3.2.2)


If a TL scrub area covers the front of a building 60' high by 50' wide, how much frontage will it cover of the lower 3 floors of the building?



If the center of the turntable is 32' from the building wall and the cab is angled out at 15degrees, it will have a scrub area of approximately ?



The basket can reach points how many feet below grade?

10 feet


Tor F. TL may be placed on sidewalk only partially to reach upper levels or gain better vantage points.

False. Can also be placed fully. (3.2.6)


When the center of the of the turntable is 25ft from the building, will there be sufficient room for the basket to be dropped below the horizontal?



What is the ideal horizontal distance from objectives?

32'. ( as opposed to aerial ladders which is 25' to 35' for a good climbing angle


Where should the TL basket be lined up with when positioned at fires?

Apparatus is placed parallel to the objective and the basket in line with the target. (3.3.1)


T or F. It is possible to extend or raise boom through light branches.

True. But during retraction you may have to cut them.


On hills, if facing downhill, turntable should be where? If facing uphill?

Downhill = past the objective
Uphill= before the objective
P.S. - On hills set the parking brake and chock all four wheels (3.4.1)


Grades up to _____% are considered level for TL operations.



Note - On hills, the operator must always feather the controls and must never rotate at high speeds.



The maximum slope for TL operations is ?

15% grade. That is a difference of slightly over 5 1/2 ft from front to rear.


What is the boom's extended capacity?



In deep snow ( or sand and mud) what is a way to obtain desired positioning of apparatus?

Lower jacks and outriggers sufficiently to allow boards or planks to be placed under wheels for the apparatus to ride on upon toward desired operating location. Repeat this process until position obntained. (3.5.4)


What is the angle to drain the boom upon taking up?

60 degrees


When are the drain plugs removed to insure entire system properly drained?

On bedding of boom. (3.5.5)


When raising portable from a TL what ladder do we use? What size rope? What rung is it threaded through?

20ft combination ladder
15ft of 1/2" rope
Sixth rung.


When is the control of the basket transferred to the pedestal man when performing portable ladder evolution from TL?

After reaching point of operation. (3.6.4 B 10)


How many men allowed in basket at portable ladder evolution?

No more than 3. When conditions permit, may be done with two.


How far off the ground when performing this evolution during drills?

2 or 3 feet.


TL When used for ventilation purposes, what tools must be carried in the bucket?

Axe, Halligan, saw, 6' hook, and LSR
I- Irons (Axe and Halligan)


TL How big is the loop when tied to substantial part of the bucket for operating on roof of questionable stability? How big is the radius from the bucket?

15 feet for loop
no more than 10 foot radius from bucket


TL On peaked roofs of questionable stability, how can we operate?

Secure members with LSR
Use portable ladders to distribute weight


TL T or F. At taxpayers and similar structures with hang down ceilings, 10 foot hooks and portable ladders can be used to push down ceilings.



TL When utilizing saw from the basket, where do we start the saw?

Saw started inside the basket and then held outside until operation over.
P.S. Member is tied off and places one foot on roof and other in basket. (4.3 D) PS for chainsaws do not place any feet on roof.


TL Where is the first cut made on a peaked roof private dwelling and how long is it?

1st cut is parallel to ridgepole and size of cut is determined by operator's reach. (4.3.1 E and Note)


TL When using the power saw to breach walls a triangle cut should be made with the vertex where?



TL Where should the 1rst and 2nd cuts be made when cutting the triangle to breach walls from the basket?

At the brickwork. Save the last cut for the mortar joint cause this will be easiest cut.
P.S. Make opening large enough so saw can be inserted to cut inner wall if necessary.


What part of the basket should be placed at the window ledge for rescue and removal?

The middle railing.


TL If the TL is used to rescue an obese person, where shall it be placed with the window sill?

The top rail level with the window sill.
ACRO FFF. Flip the Fat Fuck


TL What additional equipment is needed when using the basket for removal using stokes stretcher?

Resuscitator if required (5.2.1)


TL What is considered the easier and safer way to remove someone via stokes basket and bucket?

The diagonal position. Stokes may be lashed to top rail but this is more time consuming and makes person more insecure (5.2 D) Pedestal man should perform lowering op, IF CONDITIONS PERMIT.


TL Who may order the use of TL streams?

Only officer in command of operations.


What angle should be used to protect people on fire escapes with TL stream?

Preferably fog stream at an ACUTE angle.


TL When fire is involved on several floors, heavy stream delivery should generally start where?

The lowest level and work upward.


TL When operating stream into cockloft and positioning the nozzle close to and low in the window, how do we work the stream?

From the party wall of the most serious exposure toward center of building then from party wall of other exposure towards center of roof opening.


TL T or F. The basket must be placed at least the same distance horizontally from the building as it will be vertically below the wall.

False. If possible


TL Can we secure the Stang nozzle to the railing of the basket when not in use?

It is not recommended since vibration can weaken railing. (6.2.8)


TL Can the boom be extended inside a building?

Yes, if fire conditions require, via a large window or other opening (6.3.1)


TL Can the TL be moved without disconnecting lines?

Yes, when the distance is short and sufficient slack is in the line, and if manpower is adequate.(6.5.1)
Note - TL shall not be moved with boom in raised position.


TL If radiant heat prevents positioning of TL what shall the officer in command do?

Have handline create a protective water curtain until TL positioned and water arrives. (6.5.3)


What is the best source of supply for TL?

Satellite Water Unit


What do we supply water to the base of the TL at?



What should the relief valve on TL be set at?



TL Nozzle pressures should generally not exceed?



When TL is shut down, whose job is it to survey each floor in regard to water run off and structural damage resulting from large caliber streams?

TL officer (6.7.1)


TL Note - Units shall not be engaged in interior operations while TL heavy caliber stream is in operation unless life hazard involved. Interior forces should be withdrawn to floors below dependent on extent of fire.



TL If basket control contacts become wet or iced a loos of control could result. What can be done to fix this?

Depress control handle at basket WITHOUT engaging deadman switch and rotate several times


TL During overhauling, where should top of basket be positioned?

Slightly below work area


TL How many lengths can be stretched from the Stang of the TL for washdown?

One (7.1.8)


TL Can materials that have been overhauled be placed inside the basket to be lowered to the street?

Yes, provided they do not protrude beyond basket railing.


TL What tools should be added to normal compliment of tools at cornice operations?

Power saw and bolt cutters (7.3.1)


TL If boom limit switch gets stuck what can be used to free it?

6ft hook. P.S. If necessary to do manually, notify Fleet Services


TL When is a visual check of compression and tension bolts at turntable 5th wheel for missing or sheared bolts done?

During MUD, at operations or in quarters. (10.1.2)

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