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AUC 323 Proby RS
T/F Training can take place during BISP.

True. Training can take place during BISP, hydrant inspection, after an incident or anytime the officer feels there are lessons to be learned. ( They don't say "drill" can take place during BISP so watch out for that)


AUC 323 Proby RS
Co. Commanders should initially emphasize those portions of the reading schedule based on ?

Unit type and their response area.


AUC 323 Proby RS
When should each of the following make their entries in the reading schedule?
Co. Com

Proby - Initial and date in blue or black when subject matter read.
Officer on Duty - Red ink when subject matter has been reviewed or drilled on.
Co. Commander - Red ink once a month, prioritize reading schedule.


AUC 323 Proby RS
When can probies take cross unit details?

After 90 days in fh. Not for a period of more than 60 days and they shall not be detailed out unless absolutely necessary.


AUC 323 Proby NB
How long shall proby nbs be maintained?

One full year from the date member was assigned to the house.


AUC 323 Proby NB
T/F. Members shall ensure a tool list from their current unit is attached to the inside cover of their notebook.

False. To the first page of their notebook.
PS Cross ref Co. Journal with current roster on inside cover.


AUC 323 Proby NB
Where should the proby nb be kept when not in use?

The company office.


AUC 323 Proby NB
Note - If NB is lost it will be replaced at member's expense and could result in disciplinar action



AUC 323 Proby NB
T/F. Member should document all leaves in nb including regular leaves.

False. All leaves other than regular leaves.


AUC 323 Proby NB
Note - Members who have had probation extended shall continue to maintain nbs equal to that period.



AUC 323 Proby NB
The following shall review the Proby nb when?
CO Comm

Proby - Weekly in blue or black ink. ( make an entry at this time)
OOD - Each tour member works, in red
CO Comm - Monthly in red
Chiefs - During Co. drill visits in red
Croos ref this with Proby RS:
Proby - when subj. read
OOD - when subj matter drilled or reviewed upon
CO COMM - monthly, prioritize reading schedule


AUC 323 Proby NB
When should NBs and RSs be forwarded for evaluation?

13th month and 17th month. NBs should be maintained until the 17th month.


AUC 323
How long shall proby ffs continue their reading schedule?

3 years


AUC 323 Proby NB
Officers should address inconsistencies in nb to include?

Unexplained gaps
One word or brief entries
Insufficient number of entries
Failure to change format or correct deficiencies noted by company or chief officers

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