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10 code
10 2,
10 1,
10 3
96  cards
Taxpayer store fire or cockloft f...,
Taxpayer store fire or cockloft f...,
Private dwelling roof position fl...
25  cards
ERP add2 Chemical Attack Underground Subway
What are the 4 types of chemical ...,
Examples of nerve agents,
Nerve agents have what odor
49  cards
Ladders 2 Aerial Ladders
Placement of aerial is dependent ...,
What is the percentage of aerial ...,
Who will help lcc in placement of...
57  cards
High Rise Office Buildings
What years were hi ri required to...,
T f hiri building evacuation supe...,
T f hiri core construction is whe...
124  cards
Aerial Ladders
Where will the lcc remain til it ...,
What can an aerial be used for 11,
Who assists the lcc in setting up 22
19  cards
Taxpayers also 38/68 build code
A force perpendicular to supporti...,
A course of brick built out from ...,
Loads exerted outwardly on a hori...
185  cards
T f mechanical locks should be in...,
How many points is the boom suppo...,
What side should be lowered first...
33  cards
Communications ch 11
Interior attack discontinued,
First arriving unit is unable to ...,
Danger of collapse
102  cards
Erp Add # 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d
Erp after turning on the rad 50 i...,
Erp background radiation shows up...,
Erp how long does it take for a c...
30  cards
Communications Ch 3
Communications who shall company ...,
What time is the daily voice alar...,
Communications when both the tele...
13  cards
Collapse and all Addendums
Is structural collapse a single c...,
Are these causes or indicators si...,
Are these causes or indicators si...
106  cards
Communications Ch 12
Due to the radio frequency radiat...,
The power output of an fdny post ...,
How many channels does the post r...
11  cards
Ropes #1 LSR ROPE
What is the length of the lsr,
What is the diameter of the life ...,
What is the working load of the lsr
36  cards
Ropes #2
Who do you notify for a replaceme...,
A member free falling ________ or...,
When placing a life belt out of s...
9  cards
Ropes #3
What size does the personal harne...,
T f members must attach the harne...,
T f when the rappel hook is used ...
20  cards
Ropes #4
The pss has a safety factor of 10...,
What is the length of the pss,
T f the pss is used only by membe...
11  cards
Ropes #6,7,&8 Search Rope
How far apart are the distance knots,
T f the search rope should be dep...,
Directional knots are located ___...
33  cards
Training Bulletins - Fires
What type of fire extinguisher sh...,
How many blasts should the exting...,
T or f fdny has given order that ...
31  cards
Ladders 1 Portable Ladders
What should an officer do if he f...,
How far from the end of the ladde...,
What is the climbing angle for th...
35  cards
REG 15 Unit Adm
Where will dept orders be found i...,
Who is responsible for distributi...,
How many dept orders will be issu...
19  cards
When does salvage begin,
Define salvage 11,
Who are considered salvage firefi...
11  cards
T f when u need to remove power a...,
T f the train operator knows when...,
Subway when ordered to use the em...
127  cards
Communication Chapter 9 Maydays Urgents
Communication when are members op...,
Communication when are members op...,
Communication who do we contact i...
45  cards
Brownstone (except line placement)
Brownstones ______ stories ______...,
Do brownstones have peaked roofs,
Brownstone 1st fl is also know as...
87  cards
Communication Chapter 9 Emergency Roll Call Procedures
Communications 13 training emerge...,
Communications who can perform an...,
Communications 14 how can the sta...
17  cards
Communication Chapter 9 EFAS
Communication 11 what is the purp...,
Communications 11 what does efas ...,
Communication 11 t f efas is inst...
21  cards
Rowframes (except line placement)
Rowframe _________ stories ______...,
Rowframe brownstone type of windo...,
Rowframes are made of what style ...
79  cards
Tb: Arson
The following are reasons for sus...,
What is the designation given to ...,
No one but a trained and experien...
19  cards
Safety bulletins
During afid on days when visibili...,
Can the apparatus ever be double ...,
What is important about parking a...
60  cards
Managing Member In Distress
Member in distress when is fire c...,
Member in distress what is the de...,
Member in distress what does ever...
75  cards
Under River Rail
Under river rail t f the subway r...,
Under river rail t f sound powere...,
Under river rail t f there are no...
71  cards
Auc 276 cims what is the first ar...,
Auc 276 what s the purpose of cim...,
Auc 276 cims what are the respons...
10  cards
Line Placement: Brown/ Rowframe/ PD's
Brownstone cellar fire 1st line g...,
Brownstone cellar fire 3rd line g...,
Why do u stretch 1 3 4 lines in b...
66  cards
Disentanglement 11 what factors p...,
Disentanglement what is know as t...,
Disentanglement 12 today s new te...
85  cards
Rowframes brownstone type 3 windo...,
Rowframes what size hoseline to a...,
Rowframes brownstone type 3 windo...
3  cards
If engine 43 is not required at t...,
How many current cfrd certified f...,
When is an individual considered ...
42  cards
Communications Ch#2
How long hoes the hw man to ackno...,
Acknowledgement on the pc ats sho...,
T f the relocated unit must ackno...
36  cards
SB 56
Accident report sb56 32 when woul...,
Accident reports sb 56 when and w...,
Accident report sb56 note when a ...
13  cards
Communications Ch 10
Medium fire situation indicates a...,
Light fire situation indicates a ...,
Heavy fire situation indicates a ...
15  cards
Safety Bulletins 2, 45
Sb 2 true or false at least two m...,
Sb 2 where does the officer posit...,
Sb2 what must the apparatus do be...
9  cards
AUC 180 Manhole Fires
10 25 1,
10 25 4,
Auc 180 what effect do downed ove...
15  cards
AUC 254 Chauffer Selection Policy
Auc 254 how many years must a mem...,
Auc 254 t or f members who have p...,
Auc 254 when should members be re...
9  cards
AUC 269
Auc 269 can the post radio be ope...,
Auc269 t or f roof evacuation is ...,
Auc 269 the air rescue plan is di...
16  cards
Private dwellings 14 what can bec...,
Private dwellings what is a major...,
Private dwellings 22 pd s are gen...
115  cards
Evolution 33-33a-34
Member notifies the 1st due ladde...,
Testing showed an immediate _____...,
Firefighters should never remove ...
16  cards
Flagging column accidents,
Where is the flagging column located,
Flagging column apparatus field i...
28  cards
Haz Mat Chapter 3,4,5,7
Haz mat what is a co emergency,
Haz mat what is a co incident,
Haz mat if readings are above 9pp...
68  cards
AUC 266 PCBs
Pcbs what are pcbs,
Pcbs what is considered a pcb con...,
What would be considered a non pc...
21  cards
Haz Mat #12
0  cards
Haz Mat 12
Do tech decons perform mass gross...,
Haz mat 12 minimum staffing level...,
Decon engine fire fighters are tr...
20  cards
Auc 300
If a unit does not receive a tele...,
If you receive a malicious false ...,
When leaving quarters for bisp an...
8  cards
Regulations Jimmy
How many minutes before the hour ...,
Company officers shall immediatel...,
Jimmy shows up to work in 44 truc...
52  cards
AUC 299
Auc 299 how many temporary frontp...,
Auc 299 how are the frontpieces a...,
Auc 299 what size sign and where ...
5  cards
AUC 310 325 334 351
Auc 310 ppe 211 how and where do ...,
Auc 310 ppe how many sets of bunk...,
Auc 310 ppe t f can bunker gear m...
24  cards
Auc 202
What does the investigating offic...,
If the officer suspects or knows ...,
If a fire fighter is on light dut...
11  cards
T f scba will protect u from cbrn...,
Can airborne contaminants enter r...,
Actual work and exit time with sc...
159  cards
Communications 6,7,8 Jimmmy
Eng lad squad rescue and marine c...,
The verbal button on the pc acts ...,
Verbal alarms received at quarter...
20  cards
Guide To Company Journal
When a company officer conducts a...,
Pages 500 running back to 498 pag...,
Is the chauffeur listed before or...
15  cards
Auc 220
Do you have to wear your mask whe...,
T f you must use your mask when p...,
If a ladder officer has to leave ...
3  cards
Engine Opps CH 1-5 JIMMY
All engine company ffs should be ...,
Who is responsible to force entry...,
Who decides where to position the...
28  cards
Evolution 1, 1a backstretch
In most cases where will the engi...,
Firefighters lay hose in ground a...,
Who controls the backstretch
11  cards
TB Apparatus C-2,L-7,P-3
Apparatus c 2 who is responsible ...,
Apparatus c 2 who is responsible ...,
Apparatus c 2 what does the auto ...
53  cards
Evolution 16,18,21,&21A
Secure the halyard to the ladder ...,
Which way should the fly be facin...,
The but man has his back towards ...
27  cards
SB 76 83 87
Sb 76 how are asphalt reducers st...,
Sb 76 speed humps are raised how ...,
Sb 76 what is the advised speed f...
15  cards
Tb Emergencies 1 + 4
An elevator emergency is a situat...,
What is a stuck elevator with no ...,
What i the most common cause of e...
27  cards
Ladders 3
T f all horizontal ventilation ta...,
What are the stages of modern con...,
What is a known life hazard
132  cards
AUC 150 Iroquois Pipeline
Iroquois what is added to natural...,
Iroquois what does the iroquois p...,
Iroquois what does not belong nat...
22  cards
Auc 149 Buckeye
What is a short tee wrench used for,
Buckeye pipeline is to 12inch ste...,
The 3 1 2 foot wrench w female fi...
21  cards
Auc 8,82,184,189
If u are traveling over a 4 reduc...,
If sighs denoting speed humps are...,
What do you call an officer who i...
14  cards
Brush fires what dates are the br...,
Brush fires 31 when are brush fir...,
Brush fires 31 who can extend tim...
35  cards
Auc 268a
The term employee means both unif...,
What dept is responsible for inve...,
If a situation arises and a lt do...
3  cards
TB- Tools
Ppf s how long can they run at fu...,
Ppf s the 2 wheels are located where,
T f ppf s should have the exhaust...
127  cards
Tower Ladders
T or f all supports have a direct...,
To eliminate any possibility of s...,
If the apparatus is not level whi...
77  cards
Edp what shall units notify dispa...,
Edp what is the primary concern w...,
Note no overt action should be ta...
5  cards
AUC 274 Satellite Water System
Auc 274 what is a satellite unit ...,
Auc 274 what is a satellite appar...,
Auc 274 what does the satellite o...
16  cards
AUC 277 Public Schools w/ Non-Ambulatory Students
Auc 277 what is an abr school,
Auc 277 what should first officer...,
Auc 277 what shall each abr stude...
4  cards
Evolution 23 Exit Window Using PSS
Evo 23 pss t or f if a member is ...,
Evo 23 pss what is the preferred ...,
Evo 23 pss when using anchor hook...
9  cards
EVO 25,26,27 LSR
Evo 25 lsr which way does the bac...,
Evo 25 lsr which side of the coil...,
Evo 25 lsr how many turns are tak...
21  cards
EVO 28,29,30 Single Slide
T or f the single slide shall not...,
Evo 28 ss when performing the sin...,
Evo 28 ss how do we maintain the ...
6  cards
EVO 31 SS from Window
Evo 31 ss fro window what are the...,
Evo 31 ss window which hand do we...,
Evo 31 ss window how much slack i...
5  cards
EVO 32 Implementaion of LSR
Evo 32 when will emergency lsr op...,
Evo 32 what does emergency lsr op...,
Evo 32 note during emer lsr ops t...
6  cards
ICS CH 1, CH 2 ADD 4 and 6
Ics what is the span of control t...,
Ics t or f under unified command ...,
Ics what does a sector define
20  cards
HM 14
Hm 14 the bio detection system in...,
Hm 14 the bds scanning system com...,
Hm 14 how long will the bds proce...
14  cards
AUC 323 Proby Development Program
Auc 323 proby rs t f training can...,
Auc 323 proby rs co commanders sh...,
Auc 323 proby rs when should each...
14  cards
AUC 346 EBF - 4
Ebf 4 how should chief and co off...,
Ebf 4 are members awaiting relief...,
Ebf 4 should members detailed to ...
5  cards
AUC 220 SCBA Policy
Auc 220 scba what is the differen...,
Auc 220 scba auc 220 scba t f wea...,
Auc 220 scba members should remov...
9  cards
Emergencies 2
Gas is gas lighter than air what ...,
Gas what is added to it to give i...,
Gas what is it s ignition temp
27  cards
Emergencies 3
Emerg if you are in a basement an...,
T or f it is okay to clear a bloc...,
Emerg how many turns to shut off ...
9  cards
Portable Ladders
Lad 1 what should an officer do i...,
Lad 1 how far from the end of a l...,
Lad 1 what is climbing angle for ...
21  cards
AUC 230 Rehab
Auc 230 rehab what is the thermal...,
Auc 230 rehab ______ cooling is t...,
Auc 230 rehab how long should mem...
9  cards
EVO 22
Evo 22 who climbs in the window f...,
Evo 22 how many firefighters will...,
Evo 22 which way is the hose plac...
4  cards
Auc 287 rsot dsc will provide the...,
Auc 287 rsot t or f it is the res...,
Auc 287 rsot t or f in a double h...
26  cards
Search what is flow path,
Search what is the heat release rate,
Search what is a ventilation limi...
44  cards
Eng ch 9 add 1 high pressure engi...,
Eng ch 9 add 1 3rd stage engines ...,
Eng ch 9 add 1 what type of size ...
20  cards
Apparatus care and maintance dail...,
Apparatus care n maintaince tourl...,
Apparatus care n maintance additi...
39  cards
AUC 304,306, 349, 352
Fire cap program u come across a ...,
While at quarters a child comes l...,
According to fire cap program whe...
59  cards
TB- Foam
When do u use low expansion foam,
When do u use hi ex foam,
Can u use hi ex on outdoor flamma...
126  cards
AUC 205,206,225
Who does the reporting of defecti...,
Up to how many defective hydrants...,
Do not re submit a defective hydr...
24  cards
TB-Confined Space
Confined space can kill u in how ...,
In confined space rescue rescuers...,
There are 3 things that define a ...
32  cards
Lofts what is is an indication of...,
Lofts what is the indication of f...,
Lofts what are quoins
67  cards
*Multiple Dwellings*
What is this called the ext of fi...,
2 enclosed stairs separated by ra...,
What type of construction are olt s
166  cards
Engine Ops Jimmy 5-9
Properly trained firefighters sho...,
If no ladder company is present t...,
Prior to opening the door to the ...
19  cards

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