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If signs denoting speed humps are found to be missing who should u send the report to?

Bureau of operations, city planning, fdny.

Auc 8


If u are traveling over a 4" reducer/ 3" reducer what is the max speed you can be going?

4" is 15 mph, 3" 20mph

Auc 8


What do you call an officer who is working a night tour or day tour under the 25 man chart but is not assigned to the regular company,battaillion, or division for that tour but available for assignment to special duty by the officer assignment desk.

Special assignment officer(SA officer)

Auc 82


This officer fills out a Bp-82 each tour and forwards it to the division he is assigned to. T or f?

T. These reports will have all the activities that were involved in the tour ex alarms responded, inspection duties etc


What uniform must an sa have available if assigned to inspection all duties?

Dress uniform


If u are making a group change who must you get permission from?

Battalion chief. ( deputy chiefs approve all group changes for covering and covering relief officers)


Group changes shall be made so that the member works as close to --- hours per 25 day cycle. Any additional time the member works will be overtime.




What amount of time is a ff entitled to after his 9x tours? 6x tours are over?



The fire lines shall be deemed to be the perimeter around the area of fire operations which shall include the furthest apparatus operating at the box. T or f?

F , operating or not

189. (When all 1st alarm companies are operating the ic will designate an officer to contact police to establish fire lines)


What position is generally responsible for all apparatus at a job?

Engine chauffeurs. They are to look after trucks especially.


When does a truck officer designate one member to as a security guard for rig when the company isn't operating?

each tour. Member must return to security guard duty immediately after fire is under control.



If dept vehicles if unattended should alway have the motor shut off. T or f?

F. Except in freezing conditions in vehicles which are not provided anti-freeze



When parking apparatus how should you angle the wheels?

So that the inboard side is angled towards the curb in case kids release the break it won't roll



When leaving a vehicle away from the fire area w no security guard you must set brakes, chock vehicle, other safety devices and _______.

Remove keys from ignition.


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