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Can the apparatus ever be double parked during AFID? sb 3-1



During AFID on days when visibility or light condition is poor the officer may direct the chauffeur to to use emergency to alert other drivers of their presence. T or f (sb3)

False. All lights necessary except emergency lights. Emergency lights may confuse or distract other drivers.


What is important about parking a rig on afid on a dead end street?

The officer shall see that the apparatus Is pointed in the direction of the response


A chauffeur should not park near hydrants, at bus stops, or alongside building materials located beyond the sidewalk at construction sites. (T or f) sb 3

False, should use spaces near hydrants if necessary


When a ff is injured who is the only one who can assign the injury classification?

The medical officer sb7-1


Which Of the following is a minor injury: 1st degree burn, sprain, shortness of breath, or chest pains?

1st degree burn (sb7-2)


A member is exposed to a non biological hazardous is exposure but does not have symptoms. Does the officer have to notify the medical officer?

No. Only required if they have symptoms.


A member is exposed to a bloodborne, airborne, or other infectious pathogens(biological exposures) but does not have symptoms. Does the officer have to notify the medical officer?

Yes. Medical officer notification required with or without symptoms for biological exposures. Sb7-2


If a member exhibits symptoms from a biogical or non biological exposure both an injury report and exposure report must be completed. T or f (sb7-2)



The fire dept. identification(fdid) number consists of 16 digits and must be included when supervisors initiate an injury/exposure report. Where can it be found on a response ticket?

Lower left side. If the injury did not occur during a response then all 9's will be entered (sb7-4)


All available injury/exposure information must be initiated and submitted with or w/out members signature within how many days?

7 (sb7-5)


The supervisor will print two copies of the injury report. They will file on copy in the members personnel folder and file the other in the _________.

Uniformed filing system in the unit where the member was working when the injury occurred. (Sb7-5)


Supervisors may submit group reporting for identical non biological exposure of members who do not exhibit symptoms even if they are not all from the same company. T or f

False. Any member not assigned must be entered separately. (Sb 7-6)


High rise construction ussually progresses by pouring one concrete floor every other day. The day after concrete is poured it is set-up sufficiently to have its forms and supporting studs removed. Where is the lumber ussually found stored for the next floor to be poured?

2 floors below the most recently poured floor (sb66-1)


In high rise construction sights can the floor below the most recently poured floor be considered sound?

Yes. This floor will have cured and set up sufficiently to be used as the base for the shoring and forms above. Sb66-2


In a high rise construction site, the biggest danger would be the structural failure of the concrete on the floor which is used to store the labor because of the heavy fire load. T or f

False. The biggest concern would be the floors above because the flames and heat generated on the fire floor extend through open stairs and shafts, exposing the supports and forms of a recently poured floor. (Sb66-1)


What must an officer determine before deciding to operate on the floor above?

If a hose line is in position to operate on the fire floor (sb69-1)


What should be secured,especially in smaller buildings, if possible prior to operating in the apt above the fire?

An area of refuge (sb69-1)


When window bars are encountered the officer must ensure they are entered into what program?

Cids (sb 84)


The unit transmitting the 10-75 for a fire in a building with window bars should include a brief description of the building and state the presence of window bars. T or f

True (sb 84-2)


In a 10-75 in a building which has window bars an additional engine and truck must be called. The additional truck must be a tower ladder if one wasn't already assigned. If people are trapped who is to be ensured to be responding?

Rescue (sb84-2)


The unit assigned to remove window bars should ensure that at least _____ window(s) on the fire floor and the floor above is cleared of bars, with a portable ladder, aerial ladder or tower ladder placed to the window.

1 (sb84-3)


When attempting to use fs and the elevators do not react properly, switch back to normal mode and continue as per usual. T or f.

F. You should suspect a possible malfunction to occur if you use in normal mode and avoid such use. Sb 78


When members become aware of wood I beams instead of the usual steel beams, they must report to there officer so he can put in the cids. What practice during construction can compromise the integrity of the beam and certainly present avenues for extension?

Drilling holes in the web of these beams to facilitate plumbing and electrical. Sb 78


Gypsum plank and concrete decking I sleight weight construction which spans large wide spaces. What is its main drawback, from a ff's perspective?

It is extremely vulnerable to moisture causing a deterioration of the system. Sb 85


Gypsum plank and concrete construction are prone to an early collapse early in an operation? What other type of type of construction is prone to early collapse as well?

Truss construction sb 85


Should members be committed to the roof with gypsum construction?

Members should not be committed sb 85


Where shall interior firefighting operations be conducted when an officer notices that a building is constructed w a gypsum plank and concrete decking?

He shall see that all operations shall be conducted dorm areas of safety due to the weight of such decking. Gypsum plank: 13.5 lbs each, gypsum concrete : 17.5 lbs per sq ft. /Sb 85


Where shall the hose streams be operated in a bldg w/ gypsum construction.

Well in advance of members /sb85


When a member is cutting a roof and notices it is a gypsum roof by the presence of a white powdery substance, what 2 things should he do?

Immediately notify the ic and get off the roof/ sb 85


The city and other agencies have purchased toyota rav 4 electrical SUVs throughout the city. They contain traction batteries that store substantial power. They should never be punctured because they cause burns or a possible explosion. Where can u find these batteries in the car?

Drivers side rear passenger seat /sb 86


The dept requires wearing high visibility safety vests when operating on all highways. What are the exceptions?

-hazardous material mitigation
-tech rescue /sb 88


If Dave is finished putting out a massive car fire on the degan and he walks back to the rig to crush down a couple of monster energy drinks while he waits for the johnnies to finish up the wash down.... Does he have to put on a high visibility vest while he chills out on the back of 59 taking awesome selfies and sending them to Derm?

Yes. Once members complete their activities in fire suppression, haz mat mitigation or tech rescue and leaves the immediate area they are required to don the vests. Sb 88

Note: no boss would ever try to fuck w Dave daly!


Each vest will be marked w permanent black marker, what is put on the vest?

Unit unit #. /sb 88


How many hi visibility are vests are issued to each unit?

One for every position. Sb 88

They are flame resistant


An airbag is designed to inflate if the canister reaches what degree in a fire?

300 degrees /sb 79


After deactivating the battery the deactivation can take from 1 second to______ minutes depending on the vehicle.

30 minutes / sb 79


In those instance when a victim is pinned behind an undeployed airbag. What should we do to deactivate the airbag?

- turn off ignition
-disconnect or cut both cables
-avoid placing yourself Or other objects against the airbag, module, or in what could be in its pathos deployment


Should a fire woman and her female boss and the rest of the females on the rig delay medical attention if an airbag is undeployed.

No. All the fire ladies should use normal rescue procedures. Deployed airbags are not dangerous however they do produce a dust that may cause skin and eye irritation. /Sb 79


SB1 T/F Sirens and warning lights may only be used "when engaged in Emergency Operations"

i.e.: responding to or operating at an alarm, or relocating to the quarters of another unit.


SB1 T/F When operating at an incident, all warning lights shall be in the "ON" position

True..When operating at an incident, particularly when located in or near the path of traffic, all warning lights shall be in the "ON" position to warn oncoming traffic of the presence of lane obstructions.


SB1 In between intersections the siren should be operated in a _________ manner when necessary to warn pedestrians or vehicles pulling from the curb.

warbling or fluctuating manner


SB1 ELECTRONIC SIRENS have three operating modes: Wail, Yelp and High-Low. Which mode is prohibited?



SB1 in gerneral when does a rig have the right of way?

you DO NOT have the right of way until all other vehicles have become aware of your presence and yielded it to you


SB1 The siren is a low speed warning device linked to about a ___ foot range and speed of about ___ miles per hour.

125 foot range
30 miles perhour


SB5 If, during the initial stages, double parking, angle parking, etc., are unavoidable, position a _______ at the outer perimeter of the exposed side of apparatus to alert other drivers.

Danger Flag
(as if drivers are not going to see the big red truck)


SB53. When necessary to double park apparatus on a one-way street, park to the ____ side of the road when facing in the direction of traffic flow; and park on the ____ side of the road when facing against the traffic flow.



SB5 WHen should the Officer in Command of the fire or other emergency contact the commanding Police Officer present in order to establish "Fire Lines".

As soon as conditions permit


SB5 When should all officers under the direction of the Officer in Command take steps to park properly and reposition apparatus where necessary.

When the fire or other emergency is declared under control,


SB6 T/F Before Roll Call is the time to handle any problems that arise that would delay or cause an unsafe response.

Roll call is the time


sb6 T/F if a tiller apparatus, Chauffeur shall visually check for the presence of the tillerman prior to giving the order to proceed.



All fire vehicles in the City of New York when responding to or returning from alarms must stop for school buses under the following conditions:
flashing RED means you must
STOP 1.2. 3.
When the bus is stopped with its red lights flashing or is showing a visual signal indicating stop. When children are being loaded on or discharged from the bus. When approaching the stopped bus from any direction.
Fire vehicles shall remain stopped until the bus resumes motion or the BUS DRIVER or POLICE OFFICER signals you to proceed.



SB61 when should the Officer/Supervisor on duty within each facility shall review the emergency action plan with personnel?

Initially, when the plan is developed;
Whenever the plan is changed;
When new personnel are assigned;
Quarterly, during the first week of January, April, July and October of each year.


SB61 whenever the EAP is reviwed where should it be logged in?

the company journal


A UNIT first to arrive at a stairwell with a LIGHT SMOKE CONDITION must IMMEDIATELY do what?

A)Close the door to to the STAIRWELL
B)Notify OIC of smoke condition in stairwell and IDENTIFY STAIRS
C)Proceed to SEARCH for the source of smoke from a


SB 82 Stairwell Fires
How would another unit besides the first to arrive unit search for smoke in a stairwell?

Begin searching for the source of smoke from the


SB Stairwell Fires
How would the ROOF Firefighter proceed to the roof?
What is he doing once up to the roof?

Get to the roof the CLEAR STAIRWELL


SB 82 Stairwell Fires
How will extinguishment be performed of burning material that is involved in a stairwell fire?

with either


SB 82 Stairwell Fires

In a LOW RISE housing project w/ ONLY 1 STAIRWELL and an ELEVATOR, once it has been ascertain that the cause of the UPPER FLOOR SMOKE CONDITION is the stairwell, the search shall be conducted from the LOWER FLOORS UPWARD.


SB 81 Waterfront Ops w/ Bunker gear
How long would it take for a member wearing BUNKER GEAR and a SCBA to be totally submerged in water?
How long would it take with BUNKER GEAR w/ NO SCBA?

Totally SUBMERGED in

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