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In cystic fibrosis, the ____ or exocrine gland are affected

Mucous producing


How cystic fibrosis abnormally change mucous gland secretions

The mucous will become thick and sticky and cause obstruction


What are two systems most affected by cystic fibrosis

Respiratory-mucous get trapped in the lungs

Digestive -mucous blocks the pancreas and digestive enzymes making the absorption of nutrients very difficult


What is the most accurate test for cystic fibrosis ?

Sweat test- chloride levels will be > 60


What are the ways to diagnose cystic fibrosis?

1.) chest X-ray

2.) stool analysis

3.) pulmonary function test


How does poor absorption of fat in the digestive tract change the appearance of stool?

It cause steatorrhea

( greasy, fouls smelling, pale stool)


_____ are given with each meal to help with the absorption of nutrients

Pancreatic enzymes


What is the most important diet for cystic fibrosis?

High calorie, high protein , high fat


______ is common technique used to clear thick mucous from the lungs . This is important for preventing respiratory infections.

Postural drainage


What should parents who already have a child with cystic fibrosis do before having another child ?

They should get genetic counseling because cystic fibrosis is hereditary

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