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Apgar score

Apgar Scoring is done at 1and 5minutes
Rate 0= absent if HR is below 100=1 if HR is above 100=2
Respirations 0= absent , weak gasping=1 , if it's a good strong cry=2
Muscle 0=flaccid 1= some flexion 2= very well flex baby
Appearance cyanotic or blue =0 , 1= if the trunk is pink but the extremities r blue, 2= overall pink( normal color)
Reflex (Irritability) 0= no response ,1= facial grimace 2= good response


Score at _____________ ____________ is more valuable.

5 minutes


Eyes: _______________________________________________________

All newborns get the Erythromycin ophthalmic ointment in their eyes- to protect from infections such as gonerrhea





Pulse: _________________
Respirations:_________________________ Abdomen:_____________________________________________________ Skin:________________________________________________________________________________ and lethargy can indicate __________________

Respirations: 30-60
Abdomen:_2 arteries and 1 vein
Skin spotty especially extremeties . Jitteriness __ and lethargy can indicate _hypoglyemica


Drug Addicted Newborn- illegal substances taken during pregnancy
signs/symptoms: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
nursing care: ____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

1.) low birth weight
2.) poor sucking ability
3.) high pitch cry
4.) irritability
5.) irregular Vital signs

1.) feed them
2.) swaddled them
3.)low environmental stimuli


C.) HIV Mother ( 5 points)

1.) standard precautions with a cesarean birth
2.) no breastfeeding
3.) yes they can stay in the moms womb
4.) no live vaccinations for the baby
5.) give the baby the vitamin. K shot because vitamin k clots the blood


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

4 signs

1.) born with a low birth weights
2.) craniotomy facial malformation ( flat nose, small eyes, thin lips)
3.) cardiac problem
4.) respiratory distress

* big risk for mental retardation , hold these baby!!


Spina bifida

*Is an incomplete development of the spinal cord and/or its covering

*So the baby is born with a portion of their spine expose. Typically there is a sack around it.

*Major Nursing priority is to not let that sack burst! So keep the baby in the prone position even when feeding


All B______ B____________ problems begin with the letter ___________

Blue baby
Begin with T and t stands for trouble


Blue baby problems

1.) Tetralogy of Fallot
2.) Transposition of great arteries
3.) Tricuspid atresia
4.) Truncus arteriosis


Pink baby problems

1.) Ventricular septial defect
2.) atrial septal defect
3.) patent ductus aterious


Emergency Position:

If the baby is experiencing active respiratory distress place them in the knee to chest position ! This
Is is going to help decrease the blood going to the extremities and keep it to the vital organs


Disease to know

4 things that make up Tetralogy of Fallot

Real =right ventricular hypertrophy
Oxygenation = overriding aorta
Problem = pulmonary stenosis
Very scary= ventricular septal defect


How should a nurse identify a child?

Name and birth date

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